Thursday, September 1, 2011

Family Outing

Check out the sweet gigantic mustard stain on my shirt. I could blame it on just having a belly that sticks out too far and is always in the way, but the truth is that I'm just a lot more clumsy when I'm pregnant! Oh well, at least it wasn't my shirt. Brannon will have to deal with it when I give it back to him:)

Last weekend Brannon planned a family four-wheeling outing. I was 33 weeks last week and more than slightly nervous about bouncing around on a fourwheeler for several hours. Thank goodness baby Haiven stayed put for the ride. I had to be very bossy and tell Brannon not have us bouncing all over the place. I started bossing him after 10 seconds of being on the ride and he was like, "You're already telling me how to drive!?" Heck yes! I told him it wasn't a joke that the ride could put me into labor and we all very well know that Brannon would be pretty much incapacitated if I went into labor on the mountain seeing as he passes out when he sees blood. I was just glad that we had cell service the entire time. Might I recommend NOT going for a long fourwheeler ride when you are what Brannon's likes to call "Very Pregnant." It was VERY hot outside and for some reason one of the side panels my leg was resting on heated up so hot that I was afraid it would blister my leg, so I had to hold my leg out to the side for the entire ride, so not fun! We stopped and had a picnic along the way, but little did we know we had picked a spot with a bees nest. We had to stay there though because it was the only place with any shade. Brannon and Taj got some good entertainment eating their lunch and watching me yelp and scream and wave my arms every time a bee got near me. I've very surprised none of us got stung and also very thankful! All that's important is that at least Brannon and Taj had a great time and I didn't give birth on the mountain!

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