Monday, September 19, 2011

Soon to Be Big Brother

Taj becomes more of a boy every day it seems. Whenever Taj comes in the house from playing in the sandbox, I find a mini-sandbox in his hair, down his diaper, in his shoes and caked on his clothes. Not that I really care (except on cleaning day)...I'm just glad that he actually likes playing in the sandbox. He wasn't too interested for awhile, but I'm sure most parents know how that goes. You buy your child something new to play with and either they could care less about it and would rather play with an empty box or stick OR they play with it for about 15 min. and never look back. So I'm happy that my sandbox purchase wasn't totally in vain!

I've been trying to tell Taj for months now about the baby sister inside my belly, but the most I've been able to do is convince him that a belly button is called a "baby." I didn't realize he thought I was pointing to my belly button when I would point to my stomach and say "baby." I only realized this because now he points to his own belly button and says, "baby." So I'm afraid having a new baby around that doesn't go home after a few hours will be quite a shock for Taj. We are already planning daddy and Taj dates and mommy and Taj dates to make sure Taj still gets the attention he needs. I'm actually starting to look forward to having two kids around the house instead of just one. Taj needs a playmate around:)

Other news: I attended Taj's IEP meeting last Friday and it was decided by myself and other school officials that Taj will attend the "Three year old preschool" twice a week. We felt this was the best placement for him because only half of the students in this class have IEPs, so he will have a good mix of kids to learn from. His first day of school is October 3rd and I'm really excited for him to get started. I'm sure it will be a very rough transition for him (me too) as he will probably think I am dropping him off at daycare, but he will have to get used to it because he will go for the entire school year! I really have mixed emotions about sending him to preschool so early, but I know it is for the best. I know that I will miss him, but this is what he needs and I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure he gets a good start in life. I have great confidence in the professionals who will be working with him. They've set some great social, speech, and cognitive goals for him so I hope to see some great progress soon!


Kathryn said...

My friend posted this on her private blog as a preparatory FHE for before school. Maybe Taj would like it.

"FIRST day of School, FIRST day of School!"
I am sad to see summer come to an end, yet excited for the kids to go back to school! Last night in preparation for their first day of school we had a special FHE. This idea was continued from a YW activity that we had this week. We had different school items that we related to different gospel principles.
Ruler: Stay on the Strait and Narrow Path
Eraser: We make mistakes, but the Atonement makes it possible to erase them
Pencils: Be a "Lead"er and a friend to everyone
Glue Stick: Stick to your standards
Tissues: Share your testimony and not let it dry up and blow away

Then Chris was able to give each of the boys a Father's Blessing. It was a wonderful night! I am so grateful to have the Priesthood in our home."

It may be more useful for older children, but could be adapted for younger children. I still liked it.

Janice Twitchell said...

I think you can never fully prepare an older sibling for the new baby to come. It's hard and quite a shock for them because they are used to having all the attention. So you're doing the right thing by planning dates. You guys are amazing parents and Taj will follow your lead. He will love preschool! He's a social bug and will fit right in. :) Don't we just love boys and the places they figure out they can hide dirt, bugs, sand, grass and other gross things? haha!
p.s. your room redo's are so cute! I like how you are spelling the baby's name too!