Thursday, August 18, 2011


Taj is Brannon's shadow every day that Brannon gets home from work. As soon as he hears his daddy coming through the door, Taj is glued to Brannon's hip for the rest of the night. Brannon just sat down on the porch to take a rest and of course Taj plopped right down beside him. I think it's so cute how much he idolizes his dad. I had always hoped Taj would. Having a child watch and imitate your every move definitely makes you want to be a better person. I always tell people that I have learned things about myself, good and bad, that I never would have otherwise learned without kids. It truly is a refiner's fire being a parent and I'm grateful that we are blessed to be able to be parents to a wild little boy and a hopefully sweet baby girl:)


Keri Ramsay Sorensen said...

your little boy is so cute! I look forward to being a mom (down the road) for cute moments like the little one shadowing his/her dad everywhere:)

Jonathonandaudrey said...

So cute!