Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remember 9/11

Ten years ago today for some reason (I can't remember why) I had to miss first period of school. I was freshly 16 years old and I was just getting out of the shower when my mom yelled for me to come into her room. The TV was on and I saw one of the twin towers smoking and then both my mom and I watched in horror as another plane crashed into the second tower. We stopped what we were doing and sat on her bed. I couldn't believe it was actually happening. It didn't seem real. Things like that didn't happen in America. America was safe, untouchable, or so I thought. I remember my mom saying "We're under attack" as we watched the second plane hit. I remember thinking, "No way, it's just some bizarre accident. No one would deliberately crash into office towers to kill people." That day when I went to school every television was on in every classroom and we watched America grief-stricken, terrified, broken, and confused try to figure out what could have provoked such an attack. We watched heroes being lost and being born. We watched how resilient America could be while going through hell on earth. That day was the day I learned what terrorism really means. It means acting in cowardice and hate and ignorance. It means the shedding of innocent blood. I was never afraid to live in American until that day. There is nothing scarier than a group of people who profess to do such violent acts in the name of God because they think they are doing this for God, then what is there to stop them if they do not fear death or consequence because they believe they will live in paradise for their acts? It's such a scary thought, BUT Americans are strong and Americans fight for their people. I know that I can rest easier knowing that our troops are out there eliminating and protecting us from terrorist groups. I am so grateful for the sacrifices that soldiers and their families make so that I can feel safe and live freely. I am so grateful that I have my loved ones around me and my heart aches for those who lost their loved ones on this day ten years ago. I will never forget 9/11, the sacrifices that were made that day and still continue to be made, and the people who lost their lives that day. I am proud to be named an American.

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