Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Claus

I thought that it would be a great idea to take Taj to see Santa for the first time, but I didn't want to go on the weekends because everyone took their kids to see Santa on the weekends, so I took him during the week thinking that I wouldn't have to wait in line--wrong! The day I took Taj to see Santa at the mall I kind of dressed up, and by dressed up I mean that I wore high heels with my jeans that I haven't been able to fit into for months, so I was feeling pretty good and pretty confident that I wouldn't have a long wait to see Santa.

When I got to the "Santa Tracking Station" there were only like ten people at the most in line, so I was like "Sweet. We'll get this over with in ten minutes." Unfortunately every little kid that was in line had to take time to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, not like that's what they're there for or anything:) To make a long story short I waited in line for an hour!!! and I thought I was going to die. By the time it was our turn Taj was crying because he was hungry and my feet were killing me. I thought I was wearing my comfy high heels, but now I know there is no such thing! I was going to be so mad because I didn't want Taj crying in the picture after I had waited so long!

I found out that our wait was longer because of one lady in particular. She kept having them take her child's picture over and over again because he was crying and none of the pictures looked good to her. I was like "Lady, he doesn't like Santa okay, so just beat it!" I didn't say that outloud, but I'm sure that was the pain talking. Anyway, when Taj made it to Santa's lap, he couldn't stop smiling. He loved Santa Claus this year, however, I may be the annoying lady next year with the crying baby.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I last posted and quite a lot has happened. We blessed our sweet little Taj on the first Sunday of this month and were quite successful because he slept through the whole thing. Thank goodness because he has lungs like a banshee and that ampified into a mic would surely be blood curdling:( My husband's stepmom found a really cute hand-made blessing outfit at The Quilted Bear, which by the way is an awesome store! It's like a Roberts, a gift shop, and a restaurant all in one. It also has a cool little life-size village and you can walk into all the little shops. Even Brannon liked it...I was ready to go before he was. Little Taj is doing great. He had his shots last week and did great until Sunday and then he ran a fever, so we had to spend the day in the hospital doing bloodwork and waiting in the doctor's office. It was awful! They had to put a catheter in him to get a urine sample and I though I was going to kill somebody because they made him bleed and I've never heard him cry like that before. He was so traumatized by it that he slept for the rest of the day and through the night, with the exceptions of waking up to eat. I hope we never do that again. I hated it!
I have to admit that I've been a little bit bad since Taj was born. Taj has slept in the bed with me for about two months now because I've been too nervous to leave him in his crib at night, so poor Bran has been sleeping in the guest bedroom. I'm home for Monticello for Christmas and my mom has a Pack'n Play and I put him in that to sleep the last two nights and I have not had better sleep for a long while. He actually slept until 6 am both nights! My hope is renewed and my faith is restored! Yes, I can go on living and have a normal life. I was worried the cirlces under my eyes were going to be permanent:( Needless to say, I'm taking the Pack'n Play home with me because that is his new bed and now Bran can reclaim his spot:) I will be posting Kiddie Kandid pics soon along with Taj's first visit with Santa.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I know it's a little late for this post, but I'm still trying to get myself together after Thanksgiving. We spent the holiday in Tropic this year and enjoyed getting back to small town America for a few days. There's just something about a small town that you can't find in the big city. There's a sense of peace and a lot more time for thought about one's life. I suppose that is because of an immense reduction in distractions in a small town. For one our cell phones don't work, there is no where to go, and the internet is painfully slow, thus more time to sit and think and enjoy the outdoors, which we did. There's something spiritual about spending time in the mountains. I wish we could go more often. The simple life is where it's at.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Smiley Guy

We finally made a trip to Monticello so that my mom could show off Taj to everyone in town. We had to show him to people at her work, to people at the store, to people at church, and we even did a couple drive by showings. I've never done so much show and tell in my life, so I just tagged along and nodded and smiled as people "oohed" and "awwed." I let my mom do all the gushing...she's pretty dang good at it;) Both my parents always have a camera handy when they're around Taj. I'm pretty sure they never took that many pictures of their own kids, but I guess grandkids are different. I thought I would post some of the pics my parents took while we were in Monticello. Taj just started smiling this past week and they caught some pretty cheesy grins from him. He's turning out to be a social butterfly like his dad. He smiles at everyone and tries his best to talk by cooing at people. It's so cute! I'm just amazed at how fast babies grow. He is now 6 weeks old and has gained about five pounds, which I'm sure is mostly in his cheeks. When I bathe him I have to lift up his cheeks a bit to clean his many creases and folds to clean under! He is starting to sleep better at night now and I can get about four consecutive hours of sleep, yeah! I don't know about other people's babies, but our baby has a hard time pooing. He only goes about every three or four days, so you can imagine how rank his diapers are when he does have a bowel movement. He had one two nights ago and I was upstairs getting ready for bed when I heard Brannon call for me, his voice full of urgency, so I ran downstairs to see what was going on and there was Brannon standing by the changing table gagging, holding Taj's diaper closed. "You have to do this one" was all he got out before running away and leaving me with the bomb. You just have to breathe through your mouth on those ones. It's the only way I can stand it! Ahhh, the joys of parenthood...I wouldn't have it any other way:)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Back in the Loop!

Hello again everyone! I've been so out of touch the last couple of weeks. We moved again and it took us about two weeks to get the internet again. There is nothing new really going on in our lives right now. Taj is growing like a weed. He's already a little over 10 lbs. and he's grown a few inches already. He's a little porker:) I always wanted a chunky monkey of my own and it looks like that is going to be a reality for me. So I am finally starting to feel normal again. I haven't cried for awhile for no reason at all and am starting to find a little more time for myself (for much needed showers, blog time, housework and the like) thanks to the swing. I've already got a spoiled little boy on my hands. He will not sleep in his crib at night, so he sleeps in the bed with me. Poor Bran got the boot to the guest bedroom, but at least he doesn't get woken up at night by little Taj:) Sorry this is so short and boring...I treasure any spare minute I get and I can't keep my thoughts straight these days. There are a million things running through my head of what needs to be done, what can wait, what I forgot to do two weeks ago and am still trying to remember to do, how bad do I stink and do I really need a shower.....etc. I just thought I'd post so that you all didn't think we'd fallen off the end of the earth. Yes we are alive and are learning how to cohabitate with a baby:)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Surviving Parenthood

Let me just start out by saying that I have never been so tired in my life. I don't know how people have tons of kids because one so far is definitely a lot of work! My life revolves around feeding, changing, burping, bouncing, rocking, etc. our little guy. I haven't showered in two days or changed my outfit. I have managed to brush my teeth every day though, so at least bad breath isn't an issue. I've got to give Brannon a lot of credit too. He's really stepped up his game with the arrival of our baby. He's been doing laundry, dishes, keeping the house tidy, and taking his fair share of turns with the baby at night. I can see that Brannon has two loves in his life now. I'm so glad that I've got a husband who loves kids because I'm always ready for a break when he gets home from work and Brannon will take over baby duty for practically the rest of the night. He's the man:) We've now experienced what I call "The blowout diaper" twice now. The first time Brannon was changing him and the blowout began with the diaper yeah, big mess. I've never laughed so hard in my life when I watched Brannon gagging as he tried to catch the poo in a diaper and yelp when Taj started peeing all over the place. I wasn't that big of a help on that one. Breastfeeding has been an adventure too, and not a fun one. Taj will not latch on for the life of me and thus I am married to the pump right now. This pump is high-tech too. It's hospital standard and it's got two suction cups, so I get double the pumping capacity at the same time. I'll say this...the pump has saved me from mastitis, but I feel like I can't go anywhere too far away from it or I'll die. I feel like a Jersey milk cow. I'm pretty sure I can relate to milk cows now and no, it is not fun being milked:( So I'm hoping that with more practice and a lot of patience that Taj and I can master the art of breastfeeding. It has been so frustating because I totally expected him to just latch on and Wahlah!, breastfeeding made easy. I've been to three lactation specialists, tried many techniques, and have endured several painful failed breastfeeding sessions with these specialists. So if anyone has any tips for me, please do share because I'm willing to try anything at this point. Parenthood is a tough adjustment and I think I took the time I could go anywhere and do anything on my own time for granted. I never realized how much it takes to raise a baby. I think the toughest part is feeling like I'm not just me anymore. I'm a mom now too and it truly is a selfless calling in life because a lot of things take the back seat when it comes to raising a child. So right now I am just trying to get through this adjustment and take one day at a time. I know that things will get better with time:) Right now I am just enjoying our baby and the precious little time I have each day to spend with my husband.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Little Guy Has Arrived!

Hey Everyone!
I know that a lot of you have been long awaiting this blog. Our little guy has arrived at last! I had him Saturday at 5:57 p.m. at St. Mark's hospital. He weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz. and he is 19 1/2 inches long (the half inch includes the cone head I think:)). I went into labor at about 3:30 in the morning the night before and was redeemed by an epidural at 10:30 that morning, so yes I did go through at least 6 hours of contractions and I totally wasn't against making them disappear (disappear in my mind at least). It was great, but it did slow down the contractions for awhile and we worried that I might be headed for a C-section, but lo and behold I finally dilated to where I needed to be by about 4:30 that afternoon. Even though I had an epidural, it was a lot of work pushing the baby out! He was turned sideways in the birth canal, so that made it a bit more difficult, but thanks to my cheerleaders (mom, sisters, husband (nearly passed out in the corner), and a wonderful nurse and doctor) we were able to get him out in about an hour and a half. Cone head and all, we are absolutely in love with our little man. He has a cute little button nose and tons of dark hair that sticks out everywhere! A lot of people have commented that it looks like he has a mullet, but I don't see it, at least I don't want to think of my baby as having a mullet:( Anyway, we feel so blessed to have this special little guy in our family and I love being a Mom already. I wouldn't want to be anything else right now. I will post more as I get more time! I'm finding out real quick how fast life can change, but I love this change.
p.s. Sorry about the sideways pic. I couldn't figure out how to delete it from the post and I really didn't want to right the whole thing over again to switch it out, but I'm sure everyone can still get a good look at him:)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Enchanting Halloween Village

Hey there everyone! My husband's stepmom is an amazing decorator and she also happens to be an amazing village-put-together-er. Unfortunately, my camera is not sophisticated enough to capture the whole effect of the village with the lights turned off, so I had to use a flash, but you can definitely see how enchanting the halloween village is that she put together. It is a recreation of Salem, Massachussetts in the fall. I will someday make that treck there myself to check it out in the fall because I hear it's pretty amazing. We decided that villages are so cool because you imagine yourself in the village. It's like being a child again...what's cooler than that?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello again everyone!
Still no baby yet. Bran told me tonight that he thinks the baby is holding on for dear life. I'm starting to think so too. I was so sure that I would have him at least a couple weeks early. I'll be 39 weeks on Friday. I wasn't supposed to make it this far!!!! Oh well, he'll get here soon enough. We're all too excited to have him here and are becoming quite impatient if you can't tell. My sister called to tell me today that she was getting "kinda mad" at me because I haven't had the baby yet and my mom calls about every day now just to make sure that I didn't try to call her earlier with the only news that she wants to hear: "We're going to have a baby!" I can't wait until I can call and actually say those words:) Bran and I both got sick this week. Bran brought some kind of gaumboo home from work last weekend and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I got it too...some kind of crazy sinus yuckiness. Watch out everyone because it is going around and it's definitely not fun, so I'm hoping the baby does hold out for a few more days until we're both over whatever it is we caught. I thought I might be brave and include a bare belly photo. Nothing wrong with a pregnant belly is there? Afterall, there's a sweet little baby in there and I want to remember what my bare pregant belly looked like (although as of now it is an image that's been burned into my mind...can't help it. I see it every day!) My apologies to those of you who don't want the image burned into your mind;) Anyway, the next time I blog I hope it includes pictures of our new little baby.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hey Everyone!
We are just counting down the days until the little guy arrives. I got the crib bedding (courtesy of my mom:)) a couple days ago and got everything set up with the crib and changing table. I've been organizing and re-organizing now for the past week or so. I guess it's all part of that crazy nesting thing...although I think Brannon is nesting more than I am. He re-organized the linen closet, the storage room, and my bathroom closet with all my lotions, hair products, make up, etc. It's funny being scolded by a man to not mess up his "organization." I never thought that would happen to me, but I guess stranger things have happened. I am 38 weeks this week and I feel like it could happen any day now, or at least I've been visualizing really hard that it will happen. I think the baby has dropped down because it feels like I'm walking around with a 10 pound watermelon on my pelvis. Now I really am a waddling pregnant woman! Getting out of bed and off the couch and out of cars requires much sustained effort now. I count it as exercise. If Brannon is there he lends a helping hand....such a sweet guy:) Tomorrow I find out if I've made any progress. All I can say is, is that the doctor had better have good news for me or else I could become his worst nightmare and be very unpleasant to be around....poor Brannon. I think that men deserve some credit for surviving a pregnant woman's hot-and-cold hormones during pregnancy. Brannon has survived thus far and I consider myself lucky to have a guy like him because I don't know if I'd want to deal with my hormones for 9 months. I'll keep you all posted!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well today I am officially another year older. I feel like life is passing by me so fast! It just goes to show that we really do need to take the time and enjoy our lives in the present and stop living in the future so much because we'll never get these days back. I've been trying to make that a goal for myself, but it can be hard to enforce sometimes. Well I made the most of my day today! First I went and got my toes done. I figured that I deserved a little TLC since I'm going to be having this baby soon. Plus, I told Brannon that having nice toes would make me feel pretty in the hopsital;) Unfortunately, my toes look more like bear claws now. I didn't think they would come out looking so thick and long! My mom says I'll have to get my shoes a size bigger for them to fit. I think I'll take a file to these babies tomorrow to see I can tame them a bit. I also got my hair done today too. I went back to being a brunette and feel much more comfortable, only my brunette is a lot more red. The lady who did it told me "Now the red in this color will be a bit vibrant, but it'll fade." The red is very vibrant, so I had her dye my eyebrows too so that I wouldn't look that fake. Needless to say, I am not posting any pics of my hair for a couple of weeks. I'm going to give it time to fade. My husband made my day when I received a dozen gerber daisies this morning at my door. They are beautiful. I've always said that if we are reincarnated someday that I would come back as a gerber daisy. They are the smile of my soul:) Bran treated me to dinner tonight, courtesy of Red Robin, and then we stopped by the mall and had the best cake ever! If you're ever at Fashion Place Mall go to the food court to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and ask them for frozen cheesecake on a stick. They dip it in their best ever chocolate and it is the best cheesecake ever! It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My dearest husband took a Harley ride this weekend with his Dad and a couple of cowboys of the road aka "real biker dudes." He said that one of his dreams in life was to ride with some "real bikers" at least once....I guess just to say that he did it, so thank goodness he was able to check that off his list without getting himself killed. Bran loves bikers and I told him it's because bikers are the modern day cowboys and outlaws. I told him he'd better not get too into the biker thing. If he goes and gets himself killed on one, he'll definitely be hearing it from me when I get to the other side! While Bran spent his weekend on a Harley, I spent my weekend walking around the malls looking for an "Autumn Wreath" cented candle that I could only find in one store and coincidentally a store in the mall that was closest to my house. It was sooooo worth it though! I haven't had a good candle in a long time and this candle has "Everything good about fall" written all over it. I am still very pregnant and getting around is becoming more and more difficult. I had lunch at the mall and spilled tomatoe sauce all over my big belly. The bad thing about it was that I was wearing a white t-shirt too, so it was so obvious. All I could think was "Why didn't I wear the hot pink t-shirt???? At least the offensive stain would've been camoflauged!" I tried scrubbing it out in the bathroom, but it just wouldn't give. One lady tried to console me by telling me "You have an excuse this time." It did make me feel a little better, like I had a right to walk around with a big orange stain on my shirt. Oh well...I learned my lesson. I'm getting myself a Tide pen and soon, before another stain nightmare befalls me! Anyway, I've included another pregnant picture of me at 36 weeks. I hope this boy decides to come within the next two weeks, but at my appointment last week, the doctor said that the kid wasn't even close to budging. So please, if you care for me at all, pray that I'll be able to deliver in a couple weeks!!!

Husband Tag!

What is his name: Brannon James Morse
How long have we been married: About 3 1/2 awesome years
Who said I love you first: I did I think. I think I told him over the phone when he was out of town. It was way scary, but new and exciting at the same time. He knew he scored big when he heard the words "I love you" coming out of my mouth:)
Who is taller: Definitely Brannon. I call him my "Big Guy"
Who sings better: I don't know....Bran's definitely got the country twang down pretty good
Who is smarter: We're college grads, so we're both smart right?
Who pays the bills?: Right now Bran is the man.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Bran does cause its closest to the bedroom door. I feel safer with him right there.
Who mows the lawn: The friendly maintenance staff at Royal Farms, but you can bet if we had a lawn and a lawn mower Bran would be all over it. He loves yard work.
Who cooks dinner: I do. Bran claims he has no idea how to cook, so someone's gotta do it around here:)
Who drives: We take turns. We both like driving and Bran likes his naps on the road, so I get my fair share of behind the wheel time.
Who's more stubborn: I think that I am. He gives sooner than I do. Such a humble guy;)
Who kissed who first: Bran kissed me on the forehead and then the cheek and then the lips. Such a charmer:)
Who asked who out: My knight in shining armour asked me out at a fireside.
Who proposed: Bran did. I think I knew he was going to because he was acting really weird all night. He was a basket of nerves, but he did get down on his knee and I've never regretted saying "Yes."
His Best Feature: His personality, his physique, his freckles, his laugh, and his smile...I could go on and on....
Who has more siblings: I do by one sibling. I have four and he has three.
Who wears the pants in the family: We each wear one pant leg, sometimes it gets a little tight, but we make it work.
What do we like doing together: We love being outdoors together, blogging together, and just hanging out. We just love each other's company. Now I tag Haley, Beth, and Emry!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hello again everyone! Thanks for all your comments on my physique. I don't feel so bad now and I'll have to admit that I like feeling the little guy move around. He is getting stronger though it seems every day. I fear it's only a matter of time before one of his kicks gets me good and it actually hurts. I am definitely counting down the days until he can greet us in person:) I am dedicating this blog to my sweet ride, well technically Bran's sweet ride, aka "The Beamer." We bought this car from Brannon's dad so that we'd both have a car. The plan was for Brannon to use it to commute, but we figured out real fast that the gas mileage is terrible. It's like driving around a huge SUV, so now Bran drives the Corolla and I get the Beamer. I only drive it in the mornings because the A/C doesn't work in it and it's like an oven if you get caught in traffic in 100 degree weather. The slick vinyl seats don't help either. Unfortunately I have had to drive it in the middle of the day and I thought I would die. The steering wheel gets so hot that you can barely hold on to it and as for the seats...remember going down a hot metal slide in the middle of summer? That's what it feels like, only your butt and legs stick to the molten lava. I tried firing up the A/C in one of these instances and all I got was a loud screeching noise, hot air at full blast, and white cotton stuff stuck all over my lips (thanks to lip gloss) and in my hair. The car is 30 years old and I think that engaging the A/C cleaned out 30 years worth of dust and crap in the filters. I'm just glad that I didn't happen to have my mouth open. Brannon always laughs when he sees me pull up in this car. Yeah, real funny. It makes a really loud noise when you fire it up and it sounds like a deisel engine Slug Bug. I always get a lot of stares when I pull up in it. I don't know if it's the loud noise, the smell emanating from the exhaust, or the sight of a large pregnant lady trying to get out of a bucket seat. I'm past the point of being embarrassed now. I like to imagine myself as one of those eccentric wealthy people who drive around in classic cars that look really expensive. It's great to be envied. In the Beamer's defense, there are a lot of people, mostly men, that think it's a sweet ride (Brannon being one of them). So, if you're ever in our neighborhood you'll have to check out our smokin' hot (literally) ride.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brannon is so sweet and planned a surprise date for us last Saturday night. He told me that we need to get out and do what we can together while it's still just the two of us. We drove to Heber and rode on the Heber Valley Creeper, which is a train for those of you who don't know what the "Creeper" is. Yeah, it was me and Bran and a bunch of senior citizens, who are actually quite pushy by the way. They felt they had "priority" seating on the train. Can't a pregnant woman fit into the same category? I think so. I was nearly pulled out of my seat by the super senior supervisor, but I held my ground. We boarded the train and sat in an outside car behind the locomotive because it was hot outside and there is no A/C in those old train cars. Unfortunately, right when we thought we had the best seats in the house this freak storm came up out of nowhere and nearly blew us out of the train car. It didn't help that there are rodeo grounds right across the street. I think we ate all the dust coming from the rodeo that night. So much for doing my hair. Once the ride got started though we outran the storm and it was a much more enjoyable experience. We got to see some really pretty landscapes. There were a couple of families and young couples that rode in the outside car with us, so they made it fun as well. We stopped midway on our way back and they had a BBQ dinner for us. Unfortunately, they didn't plan for as many people as there were on that train and there wasn't enough seating. Thank goodness Bran nabbed us a couple of seats, but the seating was so tight that we were sitting back to back with the people behind us. We were so close to other people, it was kind of hard to eat. This lady across from us had no trouble enjoying her food. About every time we looked at her she was smacking her lips and food was falling into her cleavage. I don't know how that doesn't bother people. I can't stand dropping food on myself, but o'well. Like Brannon says, "Enjoy your food and clean up later." The storm caught up to us midway through the bluegrass entertainment, which I wasn't so sad about and everyone ran for the train because it was pelting rain and the lightning was a little too close for comfort. We rode in one of the covered cars on the way back because of the rain. I don't know how people rode in those cars back in the day. The seats face each other and consequently you do more than touch knees with the person sitting across from you. Overall, it was a fun experience and we both got a lot of laughs out of it watching other people. I'm glad that we were able to have some fun together before our little one arrives:)

Hey everyone! So I finally was able to get some pregnant pics onto my computer. This is a picture of me at six months. I'm even bigger than that now. I'll post another one at eight months soon. Hope you all enjoy gawking at my extreme hugeness :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Help Please!

Hey everyone,

Brannon is getting into this blogging thing and he thinks that we need to have a list of family and friends off to the side like everybody else does. He wants everyone to know we actually have friends :). No, it just makes it easier for him to access your blogs. He's about as bad as I am when it comes to checking out all your awesome blogs. We usually sit in front of the computer for an hour or two at a time checking up on everyone. Anyway....if anyone could let me know how to do this, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks! P.S. Thanks to those of you who responded to my "pregnant dreams" inquiry. It's good to know that I'm not crazy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Same Old

Hey everyone! Nothing new going on here in my little basement apartment. It's just me and the baby keeping it cool by staying indoors during the day. I almost feel like one of those weirdos that only emerge at night. It's so flippin hot outside though! Who wants skin damage and swollen feet? Not me, so I try to stay occupied doing domestic housewife things. Take for instance last night. I've never made sweet rolls before and decided it would be a good idea to try it out. All I got out of that was a nearly burned down apartment and doughy sweet rolls. I never realized that you can't put 25 rolls in a tiny square dish just because they look tiny. The pan of rolls basically exploded in my oven and burned sugar does produce profuse amounts of smoke that'll burn your eyes out. We had to open our front door and all the windows to try and air out the apartment. Brannon was like "Man, I was looking forward to those!" I think he was more distraught than I was and not because I nearly burned down the house, but because after waiting so long for a sweet roll, he wasn't going to get one. We were able to scavenge a few of the rolls, fortunately. I guess it wasn't a total waste:) I'll try again, but not soon. It's going to take me awhile to recover from this experience. Other news, the baby is moving around a lot now. Sometimes it's pretty intense and I'm like "Okay, that's good for now baby:)" It feels pretty cool, but kind of scary at the same time. Did any of you moms out there have weird dreams when you were pregnant? I keep having two dreams over and over again. The first is that I'm at Shake Shack. I've been craving a Southwest Chicken sandwich, fries, onion rings, a bacon cheese guacamole burger, a shake, and superman ice cream since January. Every time I have this dream I'm either working there or I'm trying to order and I never get to satisfy my cravings! For some reason I'm also cheated out of the food that I want in my dreams. I'm going to Monticello in a couple weeks and I will have all of those things and be sorry about it later:) The other weird dream is that I'm back at my teaching job. In the dream I'm always a substitute teacher and I'm always trying to push the teacher now out of the classroom. I think I must have separation anxiety or something j/k. Anyway...hope you all are enjoying the summer. Have fun on pioneer day! There's a lot to do up here, so I plan on having myself some fun:)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sorry for the lame blog :(

Hey everyone, sorry I don't put more pics on our blog. We don't have a scanner and my digital camera is practically obsolete at this point. I'll post some pregnant pics as soon as I can for you all. Well I've started my job as a medical transcriptionist and it's harder than I thought it would be. Just because you can type fast, doesn't mean that this job is easy. I found that out real quick with my first report. Doctors may be super smart and life savers, but some of them don't know how to talk into a microphone. Most of the time they talk about 100 mph and mumble so I can't understand a word they're saying. My boss says I'll get used to it, but I'm having my doubts. So I'll keep plugging along until I get it I guess. Brannon is still doing great at work. He's going to have to drive a truck clear up to Seattle, Washington in the next month or so. It kind of scares me, but he loves doing that kind of stuff. He's always loved motors and big trucks! They scare me. He's not a truck driver, but he can't help getting into one every now and then. Good news! My mother-in-law is buying us a crib next week and my parents bought us a car seat. I'm so excited for the little guy to arrive. I'm counting down the days now!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

One Hot Summer!

Hey Everyone,

My sister Marci informed me that the purpose of a blogspot is to actually "blog." I know that I'm not the greatest with keeping up on things like this. Really there is not a whole lot that is new going on in our lives. I keep getting bigger, the days keep getting hotter, and the A/C bill is getting higher:) I just had my 28 week check up and everything is good. I know it has to be because I swear my stomach gets bigger by the day and the little one inside keeps kicking stronger and stronger. Brannon thinks that he's going to be tiny, but I don't think so. It feels like the kid is lodged in my rib cage, which makes it a tad uncomfortable to sit straight up. I think he's taking up every last inch of space in my body. If I make it to the end of my pregnancy without a stretch mark, it'll be a miracle. I'm starting a new job as a medical transcriptionist next week and am not thrilled, but I'm glad that I can do this from home and stay home when the baby comes. For anyone considering doing this, you have to get a phone line so that you can plug in a big, tricked out dictophone in your wall. So plan for extra expenses and extra (a lot extra) desk space. The phone is nearly as big as my laptop, but it's a money making machine! Brannon is still liking his job. He's pretty much got things figured out now. As expected, he's already taken a couple of the semis for a spin. I knew it wouldn't be long until he stepped into one. He also just got his hazmat for his CDL so that he can drive one of the propane trucks if he has to. He's already guaranteed me shotgun for a couple of long hauls. He wants to drive a couple of routes so that he knows what his truckers have to go through. I never thought I would marry a truck driver;) Well that's the latest for the Morse family. If anything new and exciting decides to happen to us, I'll let you know:)

Monday, May 19, 2008

New Bloggers

Hey Everyone!

I'm new to this blogspot thing so I may be asking for help really soon. I think this is a great way to keep in touch. Bran and I met at SUU my first year away from home. We dated for about three months before we were engaged and we were married two months later. So yeah, it was really quick, but if you know it's right, why not just go for it? We were married in the Monticello temple on June 2, 2005. We finished our education at SUU. I graduated in May 2007 and Brannon graduated this May. He has a degree in Business Marketing and I have a degree in English Education. I taught my first year of English this last year while Brannon finished school. In January Bran and I found out (much to our surprise) that we are going to be having a baby. We found out on Cinco de Mayo that we're going to be having a sweet baby boy. We're not 100% sure, but we think Ashton is what we are going to name him. He's due on October 3, which happens to be my Dad's birthday, but I don't know if I can hold out that long. We're both really excited for his arrival, especially his Dad. Life is great right now for both of us. We just moved to Cottonwood Heights, Ut. a couple of weeks ago. It's a big change to live in the city, but so far we're really liking it. Bran is starting his first "real" job this week and I'm just looking for a part time job to keep me from being bored this summer. I don't plan on teaching again for awhile. Anyway, we're doing great and are happy to be starting this new phase in life.