Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snow Day

The little stinker refuses to wear gloves outside and so he usually comes in about 15 min. after being out there because he's "cold." Here he is holding his hands out to me to blow on them and warm them up for him:)

We finally got our first snow storm last week and I was totally surprised at how much Taj loves to stomp around in the snow. He usually doesn't like to be cold, but he loves his snow boots and I think he like the "crunch" sound that the snow makes under his boots. I'm glad that he likes to play in the snow and be outside. I did when I was a kid and I love that he gets to get out and be active and get away from the TV!


Me and Haiven with cousin JoJo and Auntie Lacey

Little Miss Haivi has definitely captured the hearts in our home. We are absolutely positively in love with her and can't get enough of her. Even Taj is enthralled with her and he's very protective of her still. He doesn't like other people touching her and he doesn't even like it when I put cute barrettes and bows or headbands in her hair. One of the first things he does every morning is to make sure baby sister is okay and to give her a kiss. Haiven is still such a good sleeper and continues to sleep through the night even though she naps during the day. She has such a sweet disposition and she is so smiley. She loves to coo and loves to be held and loved on, which we are more than happy to do. We are so thankful for our sweet little Haivi!

Cousin Livy

A little attitude from Livy at Temple Square

Taj has the attitude in this picture!

Taj and Alivia are so cute together. They play hard together and both are very stubborn, but they get along very well. In fact, I believe Taj even lets Livy boss him around, something that not even me or Brannon is successful at. Well, he should be well trained by the time he has a wife someday!

The Kawasaki

This and the following posts are more than belated! The holidays were a busy season for us as we traveled across the state to visit family. For Christmas this year we gave Taj a Kawasaki PowerWheels fourwheeler. As usual Brannon couldn't wait to give it to Taj for Christmas, so Taj got it a week before Christmas. At least he made it to a week before Christmas this year:) Taj cannot get enough of that fourwheeler and our backyard shows it! He's basically worn a track into our grass and there are bald spot everywhere where he's spun out. He is still too light to keep the wheels from spinning out. The scary thing is that he has no fear on it, just like his dad and I'm afraid that he will have to learn the hard way like his dad did. This was a pricey gift, but so worth it to not have Taj stuck inside all day with cabin fever! If you ever come over to watch him ride it, he will be sure to parade it around the yard for you, zigzagging in high speed and slamming it in reverse without ever taking his foot off the pedal, and if you're lucky, he might even stand up while he's riding it for you:)