Monday, February 9, 2009

Four Months Old!

Taj's smokin' hot ride. He can't even reach the steering
wheel yet, but he loved scratching the material of the seat:)

Taj eating peaches for the first time....and his bib

Taj thinks this hat is hilarious....maybe it's the hair?

Best buds
So our sweet little boy hit the big four month mark on the 4th this month. He weighs 15 lbs., he's 25 inches long, and I call him Taj the "tank." They told me that his head alone is in the 85 percentile, 50 being average, so the kid has a big nog on him, but it's so cute:) He rolled over for the first time tonight and I clapped for him and was so happy for him, such a huge accomplishment. He started half-way laughing when I was clapping for him. I'm not sure that he knew what was so funny, but he was going to laugh anyway. So here are some random pics from our average, everyday life.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Goose Egg

I got the itch to hit the town yesterday, so I loaded Taj up and we went to Target and to Babys-Rus. Taj's carseat is stinkin huge and it weighs at least ten pounds just by itself, so with Taj in it too, I can barely carry it, so I always have a stroller in the trunk that I can set his seat in so I don't have to lug him around. Anyway, when I was a Babys-Rus, I got out and I was trying to hurry because Taj was going to be hungry again and I wanted to get home before he had a meltdown, so after I popped the trunk, I flung it open really fast and when I bent down to get the stroller out, the lid flipped back down on my head and the latch that's on the lid is what got me right on top of the head. It hurt so flippin' bad. I stood there grabbing my head and looking around to make sure no one saw it. Thank goodness no one did because that always makes it worse when someone is there to witness your own stupidity. The only thing that saved me from a probable gash in the head is this white beanie that my good friend Janice made for me in when we were in college, so thanks Jan for saving my life:) As for the goose egg, it's in my hair, so no one can even see it. So much for battle wounds to show off:(