Monday, August 11, 2008

Hello again everyone! Thanks for all your comments on my physique. I don't feel so bad now and I'll have to admit that I like feeling the little guy move around. He is getting stronger though it seems every day. I fear it's only a matter of time before one of his kicks gets me good and it actually hurts. I am definitely counting down the days until he can greet us in person:) I am dedicating this blog to my sweet ride, well technically Bran's sweet ride, aka "The Beamer." We bought this car from Brannon's dad so that we'd both have a car. The plan was for Brannon to use it to commute, but we figured out real fast that the gas mileage is terrible. It's like driving around a huge SUV, so now Bran drives the Corolla and I get the Beamer. I only drive it in the mornings because the A/C doesn't work in it and it's like an oven if you get caught in traffic in 100 degree weather. The slick vinyl seats don't help either. Unfortunately I have had to drive it in the middle of the day and I thought I would die. The steering wheel gets so hot that you can barely hold on to it and as for the seats...remember going down a hot metal slide in the middle of summer? That's what it feels like, only your butt and legs stick to the molten lava. I tried firing up the A/C in one of these instances and all I got was a loud screeching noise, hot air at full blast, and white cotton stuff stuck all over my lips (thanks to lip gloss) and in my hair. The car is 30 years old and I think that engaging the A/C cleaned out 30 years worth of dust and crap in the filters. I'm just glad that I didn't happen to have my mouth open. Brannon always laughs when he sees me pull up in this car. Yeah, real funny. It makes a really loud noise when you fire it up and it sounds like a deisel engine Slug Bug. I always get a lot of stares when I pull up in it. I don't know if it's the loud noise, the smell emanating from the exhaust, or the sight of a large pregnant lady trying to get out of a bucket seat. I'm past the point of being embarrassed now. I like to imagine myself as one of those eccentric wealthy people who drive around in classic cars that look really expensive. It's great to be envied. In the Beamer's defense, there are a lot of people, mostly men, that think it's a sweet ride (Brannon being one of them). So, if you're ever in our neighborhood you'll have to check out our smokin' hot (literally) ride.