Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Toddler Story of the Day

What's better than spending the afternoon on the phone with the phone company trying to figure out how to lower your monthly bill, listening to numerous annoying and completely time-wasting sales pitches, and being bombarded by crappy elevator music? I will tell you. It's having your two year old boy bust into the kitchen after playing outside proudly giving me his pee-soaked diaper that also happens to have a poopoo in it WHILE you are still on the phone with the phone company. Because I was waiting on a confirmation number, I hurriedly tossed the diaper aside to be dealt with at a later time, which turned out to be sooner than later. Taj had taken off his diaper outside in the yard in front of our elderly neighbor who isn't too keen on kids anyway, especially Taj since he tries to feed her dogs rocks. After he took his diaper off, he just pulled his pants back up like he was the world's greatest hero. I'm assuming the added glee came from the sensation of having no diaper on under his pants, which of course I couldn't allow since obviously he is not potty trained. So immediately after I hung up with the phone company, I further inspected Taj's clothing and found the said poopoo caked on the backside of his shirt and the inside of his pants. Apparently the diaper transaction didn't fare too well on his clothes. Needless to say, I spent the next part of my afternoon stripping the vile clothing off my angel baby and washing that skinny little bum of his until it was nice and white again.
Potty incidents gone bad have always been a big fear of mine as a parent. I didn't think I would ever be able to cope with these kinds of incidents before I had Taj, but thank goodness mother nature programmed mothers with a grooming gene fostered by love for their children so that people like me can overcome their fear of poop, pee, boogers, and puke and be able to clean up after their young. I always wondered how my mom did it, but now I know. It doesn't seem AS gross when it's your own kid. It's still gross, but somehow tolerable:)


Janice Twitchell said...

chelle! you are so eloquent with words and I was right there with you on the phone while watching tag come through the door with a poopy diaper! i probably would have screamed and said yuck. you're a remarkable mother to remain calm. :) isn't it funny though how it's easier to clean up your own kids crap than someone elses?

Julianna said...

hahahahahah. it's amazing the stuff we end up having to "deal with" and handle like champs. good job!

Kelly said...

I know exactly how you feel! We are STILL potty training and I don't know how many times i have had to rinse out (just threw some away) poopy undies. It is so GROSS but some how with your own tolerable. Potty training SUCKS! I HATE it SO bad!!! The joys of having a toddler:)

p.s. Haiven's room is so cute!!

Raevan Blake said...

Too funny! I remember like 2 weeks before I had Gentri I was holding my friend's new baby and when she spit up on me I totally gagged! I was thinking great, I'm about to have one of my own and I'm gagging ??? Glad it is instant! The second that baby comes out, you can get spit up on, popped on, thrown up on, and you can handle it! Pretty amazing:)