Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finished, finally!

Taj's new friend: Pierce
I like taking pictures of him because he smiles for me, unlike another little boy I know who will rarely even look at the camera, turkey!

I don't have a double passenger stroller, so they had to squish into this for the ride to the park. They were pretty good about it...feeding each other snacks and such.

Taj's favorite thing to do in the morning and after his bath at night is to jump into our bed, prop some pillows up for himself, pull the covers up, and lay back and watch cartoons. A kid after my own heart!
This is Taj giving me a handshake, which he initiated. He learned it on Pocahontus when she and John Smith shakes hands. He's been running around all day and demanding to shake my hand. At first I didn't know what he was doing, but when he grabbed my hand, shook it, and let go, I finally got it! It's amazing what they pick up off of movies and scary at he same time! His other favorite movie right now is Aristo Cats. We watch it at least once a day. He'll ride his trike around and get off, go around to the front of it and then pretend to turn a hand crank to start it again like the milk man does on the movie. Really, I need to get something more educational for his mind!
So I'm sure you are all dying to know that I finally finished Jane Eyre...tonight, like five minutes ago. It is hands down one of my favorite books. I recommend reading it for all you hopeless romantics. You sort of have to muscle your way through some lengthy description in old British language, but if you have the annotated version of the book, it makes it a lot easier to get through. The story is definitely worth it though, you will love it! Gone now are my nights of going to bed at 1 a.m. or later...at least until I find another page turner!
For those of you wondering how the Shabby Apple dress sale went, well it didn't. I was soooo excited for this, for the possibility of getting my hands on my much lusted for dress without draining the grocery budget to do it. I showered late that night so I could get up early, on a Saturday morning mind you, and curl my hair, paint my lips and nails red, (put on eyeliner, which I never do), and don a dress with tights and cranberry-colored heels. The sale started at 8 a.m., so I left the house around 7:30. I drove a half an hour south and what to my dismay did I find upon arriving at the much anticipated location? A big cardboard sign with the words "Shabby Apple Dress Event Cancelled." There were no other words, no explanation, only "check Facebook." My heart broke, but I wouldn't totally be put out. I had a friend with me and by gosh if we got up that early on a Saturday morning to do some shopping, that's what we were going to do.....so we hit some yard sales before we went home. And yes, I was just a tad over-dressed for yard sale hopping, but whatever, do it in style right? At least I drove Black Magic down so I saved some gas money. Brannon told me to park down the street when I went to the dress event because it was in a very affluent neighborhood and he thought I might embarrass myself if I pulled up to the front door in our 1997 corolla with faded black paint and missing hubcaps. Haha, well lucky for us we only showed our faces at yard sales. My heart still reserves hope for another Shabby Apple dress sale to transpire in the near future as I'm sure many hearts do. P.S. Shabby Apple, if you're listening, could you please have a dress sale before or on my birthday? It's September 9th, should give you plenty of time to set that up I'm sure:)
Other news, I am finding out what it is like to have two kids. I watch my friend's baby for her twice a week and I'm telling you, I am not bored on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Heaven help me when I have another baby! You know, on second thought, maybe that's just what I need! At least for the time being Taj has a playmate, who he quite adores. Every time we see this little guy, Taj runs over and says "hi" while waving and then pats the little guy on the head. I'm glad he has someone to play with on a regular basis because I'm sure he gets sick of hanging out with me 24/7! Have a great week!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shabby Apple Dress Sale!

This is one dress I've had my eye on for awhile!
Alright girls, listen up! Shabby Apple is having a mega dress sale this Saturday, August 28th from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Honestly, you don't want to miss out on this. Some dresses will be on sale for as low as $5.00! If you haven't heard of Shabby Apple before, enlighten your senses here: http://www.shabbyapple.com/. For more details pertaining to the sale, click on their blog link once you are on the website. Shabby Apple is the best discovery I've made in dresses and trust me, once you've seen their collection, you'll want more than one! Their dresses are super modest, very classy, and flattering for every figure. Go check them out and hopefully I'll see you at the sale!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is why I run errands in the afternoon. It always ends like this:)
Marce this pick almost looks like the one you took:)

The lovely Monticello Temple with sunflowers.

My favorite place to work when I was a teenager.

The parts store in Monticello.

What bathtime looks like for us.

He practices more than I do and while only wearing a shirt...

My very first "you break it, you buy it" experience, thanks to Taj...can't believe they wanted $5 bucks for it! It's precious isn't it? I'm gluing it together and putting it on my fridge anyway:)

I've had big dreams of what I wanted to be when I grew up since I was a kid. For starters I was going to be the first astronaut to make it through a black hole. Next I was going to be an archeologist digging for bones and treasure in the great pyramids of Egypt. As I grew older the dreams became more realistic--psychologist, doctor, lawyer. Hasn't everyone had a childhood dream of becoming someone or something spectacular? The thought plagues me more than it should. I should be more than happy in my position. I am blessed to be a mom, I get to stay home, I have a degree in education as back-up, I'm married to a wonderful husband, I have a wonderful family, but still something nags me every day to find out what it is I'm meant to do or be in this life. I'm not searching for fame or glory, just my place in this world I guess. Maybe it has to do with the time frame I'm in right now. Maybe my place right now is just to be at home, raising my kids and taking care of our home. Maybe I already make enough of a difference in the world just doing that and helping out the neighbors. I've thought about this thousands of times, rest assured, but there is a little sliver of me that continues to sound her trumpet, that won't be still. How do you follow your dreams if you're not even sure what you're passionate about? Some dreams have to wait, family comes first. In the meantime, I think I will do all that I can do at this point...do my best at excelling at the talents that I DO have, not worry about those I DON'T, and see where the road takes me in the future. So as of right now, I feel content in knowing that I'm doing or at least trying to do what I can from home. I've learned from many others that miracles can happen in the home and you can be somebody without having to step outside of the walls of your own home. I think what I need here is a good dose of patience and diligence....and perserverance. It could never hurt to have a little more of that right? I am learning to be happy in the office of "mother." I've had to get more creative, more shrewd on finding constructive things to do with my time. I think mothers are some of the most creative and talented people out there. So I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but for now, I guess I will be a little bit of everything.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Days of Summer

There go grandma's flowers, good thing summer's almost over!

Mighty proud of that Target sticker

Monday, August 16, 2010

100th Post...Finally!

I want one of these on the hood of my car, very feminine...
On the way back home there was a cool car show going on at an old diner (Rode Island Diner), so we had to stop for the photo-op!

Camping wore me out too:)

I don't know what these things are called, but they were everywhere in the meadows we passed, so pretty!

The mountain we camped on was gorgeous!

Can you spot the critter? These little guys were all over camp, like big rats!

Our annual family camping picture, don't we all look just lovely? (just like last year, lol)

I'm guessing this is a doggie door in the tent, just right for little boys:)

I'm telling you, four little boys alone in a tent is just asking for trouble!

There were plenty of dads to go around at camp and since Taj's dad was busy, he picked Katie's husband Jason to snuggle up with:)

Brannon's handy work, nice job love!

My friend Katie carrying omelettes in a bag, very cool idea for a campout breakfast!

The said "tent" that could've been ripped to shreds by the bear or Taj:)

His cheeks are always red, but they are even redder here because it was so flippin cold! Like 40 degrees cold!
Nice work on breakfast fellas! Isn't it funny that it's a man's job to cook breakfast on a campout, but cooking at home is for the ladies?

The beginnings of the first meltdown of the night:)

Last weekend we actually did something blog-worthy, we went camping. We went with my friend and her family and had a good time roughin it in some bear country. They all thought Brannon was an "expert" camper because he brought our Camp Chef along. Anyone from southern Utah would have laughed at this, but we were just like "Yep, we're experts. Please do ask us anything because as you said, we are the "experts." Haha, I think we're far from experts, but we do know how to have a good time in the woods. All we had to camp in is a tiny two-man nylon tent and I was nervous to say the least about having a bear ripping it and us to shreds. There were signs posted everywhere that said "Bear Country." We all took good care to put our food back in our cars, but me being the doofus that I am, tripped over a tree stump and dumped my tin-din all over the ground. I cleaned it up the best I could, but....we still got a visitor that night. After making a midnight trip into the deep, dark woods to go potty (I have to every time we camp, seriously annoying!), I returned, actually made a mad dash back to the tent lest I see glowing eyes in the bushes! I finally settled back into me and Taj's sleeping bag and closed my eyes when I heard really LOUD sniffing by our tent, like from a big BIG animal. I was paralyzed with fear and didn't dare make a noise, especially when I heard a low growl. I didn't dare make a move to wake up Brannon, so I just shut my eyes tight and prayed like the dickens it would go away, that IT being a stinking bear! So even though I didn't actually see it, I knew it was out there. I just waited for the sniffing to stop and soon it did, thank the heavens! I was validated anyway by my friend's husband the next morning because he said he heard the same thing. So there you have it, our first real encounter with a bear and we escaped, barely, alive:)

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Little Swimsuit Model

This kid lives for water. He loves playing in it, but even more than playing in it, he loves to drink it. He's not picky either...he'll drink out of bird baths, bathtubs, pools, sprinkler water off the ground, a dog dish...basically if it has water in it, he'll try to drink it. He's sneaky, he always does it in the split second I'm not looking. I'm surprised really that he hasn't gotten a parasite. Sigh...boys will be boys I suppose;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Accident Prone

I'm telling you I can't turn my back for one second with this kid. I think it only took him about 10 seconds to scale the table and chairs and plant his keister in my centerpiece bowls, after which he commenced a victorious shimmy dance. How could you be mad at a face like that?

"Yeah, look at me mom, I got up here all by myself without cracking my head open, that calls for a thumbs up!"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Week in Review

A common occurence at our house now. Finding Mater in the pots and pans, a sippy cup upside down in a shoe, long lost items stashed under our bed, shoes in the cupboard, and toys in the toilet is becoming all to common around here. I wouldn't have it any other way:)

I've never seen a pool party on the front lawn before, but I love it! Every month this sweet old lady has a new set up in her yard. I thought after Christmas and Valentine's day I wouldn't see anymore, but she has something for every month, it's fabulous! I'll document each month for your visual enjoyment:)

I always take a picture of Brannon before he heads out for a motorcycle ride because honestly I don't know if he'll come back. They are so dangerous. It's not his driving I'm worried about, it's other people who don't pay attention to motorcycles on the road. In fact, one man was hit and killed on his motorcycle by an SUV this weekend. I think it's time to sell that thing love! I don't want to be a widow!

Anyone see Wild Hogs? If you haven't, it's hilarious! If you have, then you know why this picture is funny: he's got the matching vest, shirt, and skull cap. All the makings of a department store road warrior:)

Taj loves motorcycles, something I hope both he and his dad fall out of love with soon! Taj only gets to go on slow rides in the back yard on the grass, but he loves it, heaven help me!

Hey thanks everyone for letting me know what you do doing the day. I could definitely use some more exercise and I suppose it wouldn't hurt to break out a craft once in a while:) Now that I think about it, I like to read during the day. In fact, I've made it a summer of classics. Right now I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird and I think Jane Eyre is next.
Other news, I signed up to be a substitute teacher this school year. I figured that I'd better put that Engish degree to some use. Taj is old enough now that he would just think it was great to go play with some other kids for awhile. It's just part-time, which is what I want, and it will get me out of the house. Not that I don't enjoy my time with Taj, but I've got to renew my license next year and this is a good way to do it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Long Days of Summer

Taj's latest favorite toys: McQueen and Mater. He actually has to go to bed with them. I creep into his room every night and pry them out of his little fingers so he doesn't wake up the imprint of tires of his face.
Nothing inspiring or earth-shattering has happened lately with the Morse clan. We've just been living out the long, hot summer days hoping for fall to get here soon. I get bored staying at home and I know Taj does too, so we hit the park every morning (because I won't die of heat), the kiddie pool or public pool in the afternoon, and a jog in the stroller with dad at night. I'm curious, what do all you stay-at-home moms do during the day? I need some ideas so I don't go mad with boredom!
On a side note, we went swimming at the Bountiful Recreation Center today and stayed for two whole hours! I couldn't believe that I lasted that long, but Taj was having such a good time playing in the kiddie area that even if I would've wanted to have left earlier, I wouldn't have physically been able to carry him out because his fits are so bad. I don't know why they say terrible twos, cause I feel like we've already been living it the past year. If it gets any worse, that boy's going to boot camp! (seriously though, he's already been kicked out of nursery once)Other events made the pool very exciting today, like the fire alarm went off four times and somebody pooped in the pool, or rather by the side of the pool. I couldn't help but laugh when the lifeguards put three GIANT cones around a tiny little turd. Come guys, any mom would've had that cleaned up in two seconds with a clorox wipe. Next thing we know, everyone's been kicked out of the pool and they brought in a giant vacuum to suck up the little poopoo. Well at least we know they keep the pool clean!