Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brannon is so sweet and planned a surprise date for us last Saturday night. He told me that we need to get out and do what we can together while it's still just the two of us. We drove to Heber and rode on the Heber Valley Creeper, which is a train for those of you who don't know what the "Creeper" is. Yeah, it was me and Bran and a bunch of senior citizens, who are actually quite pushy by the way. They felt they had "priority" seating on the train. Can't a pregnant woman fit into the same category? I think so. I was nearly pulled out of my seat by the super senior supervisor, but I held my ground. We boarded the train and sat in an outside car behind the locomotive because it was hot outside and there is no A/C in those old train cars. Unfortunately, right when we thought we had the best seats in the house this freak storm came up out of nowhere and nearly blew us out of the train car. It didn't help that there are rodeo grounds right across the street. I think we ate all the dust coming from the rodeo that night. So much for doing my hair. Once the ride got started though we outran the storm and it was a much more enjoyable experience. We got to see some really pretty landscapes. There were a couple of families and young couples that rode in the outside car with us, so they made it fun as well. We stopped midway on our way back and they had a BBQ dinner for us. Unfortunately, they didn't plan for as many people as there were on that train and there wasn't enough seating. Thank goodness Bran nabbed us a couple of seats, but the seating was so tight that we were sitting back to back with the people behind us. We were so close to other people, it was kind of hard to eat. This lady across from us had no trouble enjoying her food. About every time we looked at her she was smacking her lips and food was falling into her cleavage. I don't know how that doesn't bother people. I can't stand dropping food on myself, but o'well. Like Brannon says, "Enjoy your food and clean up later." The storm caught up to us midway through the bluegrass entertainment, which I wasn't so sad about and everyone ran for the train because it was pelting rain and the lightning was a little too close for comfort. We rode in one of the covered cars on the way back because of the rain. I don't know how people rode in those cars back in the day. The seats face each other and consequently you do more than touch knees with the person sitting across from you. Overall, it was a fun experience and we both got a lot of laughs out of it watching other people. I'm glad that we were able to have some fun together before our little one arrives:)

Hey everyone! So I finally was able to get some pregnant pics onto my computer. This is a picture of me at six months. I'm even bigger than that now. I'll post another one at eight months soon. Hope you all enjoy gawking at my extreme hugeness :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Help Please!

Hey everyone,

Brannon is getting into this blogging thing and he thinks that we need to have a list of family and friends off to the side like everybody else does. He wants everyone to know we actually have friends :). No, it just makes it easier for him to access your blogs. He's about as bad as I am when it comes to checking out all your awesome blogs. We usually sit in front of the computer for an hour or two at a time checking up on everyone. Anyway....if anyone could let me know how to do this, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks! P.S. Thanks to those of you who responded to my "pregnant dreams" inquiry. It's good to know that I'm not crazy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Same Old

Hey everyone! Nothing new going on here in my little basement apartment. It's just me and the baby keeping it cool by staying indoors during the day. I almost feel like one of those weirdos that only emerge at night. It's so flippin hot outside though! Who wants skin damage and swollen feet? Not me, so I try to stay occupied doing domestic housewife things. Take for instance last night. I've never made sweet rolls before and decided it would be a good idea to try it out. All I got out of that was a nearly burned down apartment and doughy sweet rolls. I never realized that you can't put 25 rolls in a tiny square dish just because they look tiny. The pan of rolls basically exploded in my oven and burned sugar does produce profuse amounts of smoke that'll burn your eyes out. We had to open our front door and all the windows to try and air out the apartment. Brannon was like "Man, I was looking forward to those!" I think he was more distraught than I was and not because I nearly burned down the house, but because after waiting so long for a sweet roll, he wasn't going to get one. We were able to scavenge a few of the rolls, fortunately. I guess it wasn't a total waste:) I'll try again, but not soon. It's going to take me awhile to recover from this experience. Other news, the baby is moving around a lot now. Sometimes it's pretty intense and I'm like "Okay, that's good for now baby:)" It feels pretty cool, but kind of scary at the same time. Did any of you moms out there have weird dreams when you were pregnant? I keep having two dreams over and over again. The first is that I'm at Shake Shack. I've been craving a Southwest Chicken sandwich, fries, onion rings, a bacon cheese guacamole burger, a shake, and superman ice cream since January. Every time I have this dream I'm either working there or I'm trying to order and I never get to satisfy my cravings! For some reason I'm also cheated out of the food that I want in my dreams. I'm going to Monticello in a couple weeks and I will have all of those things and be sorry about it later:) The other weird dream is that I'm back at my teaching job. In the dream I'm always a substitute teacher and I'm always trying to push the teacher now out of the classroom. I think I must have separation anxiety or something j/k. Anyway...hope you all are enjoying the summer. Have fun on pioneer day! There's a lot to do up here, so I plan on having myself some fun:)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sorry for the lame blog :(

Hey everyone, sorry I don't put more pics on our blog. We don't have a scanner and my digital camera is practically obsolete at this point. I'll post some pregnant pics as soon as I can for you all. Well I've started my job as a medical transcriptionist and it's harder than I thought it would be. Just because you can type fast, doesn't mean that this job is easy. I found that out real quick with my first report. Doctors may be super smart and life savers, but some of them don't know how to talk into a microphone. Most of the time they talk about 100 mph and mumble so I can't understand a word they're saying. My boss says I'll get used to it, but I'm having my doubts. So I'll keep plugging along until I get it I guess. Brannon is still doing great at work. He's going to have to drive a truck clear up to Seattle, Washington in the next month or so. It kind of scares me, but he loves doing that kind of stuff. He's always loved motors and big trucks! They scare me. He's not a truck driver, but he can't help getting into one every now and then. Good news! My mother-in-law is buying us a crib next week and my parents bought us a car seat. I'm so excited for the little guy to arrive. I'm counting down the days now!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

One Hot Summer!

Hey Everyone,

My sister Marci informed me that the purpose of a blogspot is to actually "blog." I know that I'm not the greatest with keeping up on things like this. Really there is not a whole lot that is new going on in our lives. I keep getting bigger, the days keep getting hotter, and the A/C bill is getting higher:) I just had my 28 week check up and everything is good. I know it has to be because I swear my stomach gets bigger by the day and the little one inside keeps kicking stronger and stronger. Brannon thinks that he's going to be tiny, but I don't think so. It feels like the kid is lodged in my rib cage, which makes it a tad uncomfortable to sit straight up. I think he's taking up every last inch of space in my body. If I make it to the end of my pregnancy without a stretch mark, it'll be a miracle. I'm starting a new job as a medical transcriptionist next week and am not thrilled, but I'm glad that I can do this from home and stay home when the baby comes. For anyone considering doing this, you have to get a phone line so that you can plug in a big, tricked out dictophone in your wall. So plan for extra expenses and extra (a lot extra) desk space. The phone is nearly as big as my laptop, but it's a money making machine! Brannon is still liking his job. He's pretty much got things figured out now. As expected, he's already taken a couple of the semis for a spin. I knew it wouldn't be long until he stepped into one. He also just got his hazmat for his CDL so that he can drive one of the propane trucks if he has to. He's already guaranteed me shotgun for a couple of long hauls. He wants to drive a couple of routes so that he knows what his truckers have to go through. I never thought I would marry a truck driver;) Well that's the latest for the Morse family. If anything new and exciting decides to happen to us, I'll let you know:)