Monday, February 27, 2012


Taj always wore me and Brannon's boots around, so I think he felt it was time he got some of his own!

The other night we decided it was time to get Taj some new shoes. His feet seriously grow by the season and I was surprised to find that his foot had grown 1 1/2 sizes since fall. Then I felt bad because I think we were squishing his feet into this shoes, poor boy! So we took him to Payless and let him pick out his own shoes. He picked out these black cowboy boots and I'm not even kidding when I say that he loves them so much he even wears them to bed, which of course didn't make his momma very happy since I had just washed the sheets! Everywhere we go he bends over and pulls his pant legs up and struts around bowlegged showing everyone his "boots." Lately he has also loved helping me cook dinner, so I let him pour things and stir things and cut things (only with his toy saw of course!). It's so fun doing more things with him as he gets older. I actually like letting him "help" me clean, do laundry, and cook. I'm hoping that someday he will help his wife do the same!

Momma's Girl

Taj wanted in on this photo-op, but took over for me immediately afterwards.

Let it be known that at the ripe age of 4 months, little miss Haivi has uttered her first word: "momma." I am so proud and for those of you who don't believe me I have proof on my phone and I definitely made sure to send it to everyone in my family just in case they ever forget! It's so cute when she says it because she has to warm up her mouth first and she looks like a nursing home patient trying to gum down a piece of fried chicken. Haivi is absolutely a momma's girl all around. She loves me to hold her and cries about every time I leave the room. She eats really well for me and whenever Brannon tries to feed her, she is such a little stinker for him. I know she adores her daddy and big brother though because she is always good for a smile for them. We absolutely adore our little Haivi Gravy!

Mr. Smarty Pants

He kind of looks like Ralphie off A Christmas Story, melts my heart!

Haha, love this pose. That is what I call high fashion!
He was making the funniest faces with these on because obviously the prescription is way too strong for him and he had trouble not only seeing, but walking.

Today Taj told me, "It my tun! (turn)" and he reached for my glasses. He's been trying to get at them for a few days now so I decided to let him try them on. He loved them so much I got out an old pair of glasses and let him wear those. It's a good thing I gave him my old ones too as it took less than 15 min. for him to crack one of the lenses. To play it safe, I just had Brannon remove the lenses. Of course now that the lenses are removed, he refuses to wear them because he thinks they are broken...ahhhh, whatever! Three-year-olds are soooo dramatic and demanding! It's just a good thing he's so cute or I don't know what I'd do with him!

The Best of Taj

I thought I erased all the flattering picture Taj took of me, but apparently I missed one, so I thought I would include it in his portfolio:)

Prop #1: His toy hammer, which he personally handed to her just to get a picture of her with it:)

Prop #2: The lid off a Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcake container.

Taj is way into taking pictures lately. He is only willing to pose for a picture if he can then turn around and take a picture of me or Haiven. I cringe when I let him hold my camera, but he is smart enough to at least know to put the strap around his neck just in case he does drop it, so it won't hit the floor. He likes to point the camera only a few inches away from your face and thinks it's hilarious to keep hitting the button only halfway down so that the flash keeps going off in your face-drives me nuts because I'm practically blind afterwards. He also likes to take a picture trying a different setting each time and he does this because I think that he likes just pushing buttons. I think I know what to get this boy for his next birthday! All of the above pictures were taken by Taj. As you can see he added props in a couple of them:) Yes I think my photographer sister (Marci Dawn Photography) may have some competition!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

He wins the prize!

I know this post is rather tardy, but since our blog is basically our family journal, I didn't want to forget what Brannon did for me on Valentine's Day this year. We actually celebrated a day later since I was still in Las Vegas for my first official business trip. In our almost seven years of marriage this Valentine's Day Brannon really made an effort to plan something nice, something creative for me. In his defense, he never forgets the holidays, he just gets really nervous about planning things, so he usually reverts to the default dinner out on the town. This time he told me he had dinner taken care of and not to worry about cooking. I was glad because I was super tired from Vegas and I caught somebody's sickness from the plane ride I'm sure. Brannon came home that night with Texas Roadhouse bags in hand and he snuck outside for a bit. I honestly had no idea what he was doing until he told me to bring the kids and come outside. Our little camp trailer is parked by the house and he opened the door for me and I beheld white rose petals sprinkled all over, little candles glowing everywhere, a vase full of roses, our dinner set out on the table, and everything glowed under a soft, red light. He even put the roses in rose-scented potpourri, which I thought was super cute! Everything was lovely until I put our styrofoam container full of Roadhouse rolls too close to one of the candles. All of a sudden I heard a loud whoosh noise and I started screaming when I saw huge flames erupting from the container. Brannon had gone back in the house and without thinking I blew on the fire like I would a match and the flames only got higher. I screamed out the door for Brannon and he came running out. He took one look at the burning container and grabbed it with his bare hands and threw it out the door. Our dinner rolls skittered down the driveway and there was a horrible stench and black ash flying all around in the trailer. I think it scared Taj half to death, but Haiven didn't make a peep! Luckily, the only real damage was a small burn to the table and to Brannon's hand, and of course our dinner rolls were toast, literally! We had a good laugh about it later, but Taj kept wanting to know, "what happen?!" throughout the rest of the night, he was so concerned about the "scary fire!" I know that we will always remember this Valentine's Day celebration! I will remember the thoughtful planning that went into it and how I almost burned down our camp trailer and how Branon was our hero!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Haiven Four Months

She does not like oatmeal cereal after trying it for the first time, can you tell? We will keep trying though, because I want her to eat food, regardless of texture, unlike a certain big brother...
p.s. In case anyone was wondering, yes that is a Bumbo chair she is sitting in and no we don't ever leave her unattended or turn our backs on her for a second. Although, after I've seen all the reports of skull fractures from babies falling out of them on the floor, I will no longer be using it on countertops or raised surfaces. We are going to get out the trusty highchair!

Sweet little Haiven continues to grow and grow! At four months she weighs 14 lbs. (60%), is 24 in. long (60%), and her head is in the 94th percentile. What can I say? My kids have ginormous heads and hopefully they lots of brain power to go with it! Haiven continues to be such a little sweetheart. She is always good for a smile unless you are a strange man or are wearing a hat, then you get the pouty lip. She definitely smiles more for women than she does for men, but she sure loves her brother, daddy, grandpas, and uncles. It's weird because she seems to know who her family is because she usually cries when strangers talk to her, but when family talks to her that she hasn't seen in months, she gives them big smiles. We are starting to hit milestones now, which is very exciting, but sad at the same time because she is growing up so fast! She can roll from her back to her stomach, but not the other way around. She loves to coo and squawks like a parrot. She gets super excited when she's naked before her bath and loves to kick and splash. She already had her first haircut over a month ago. She had about 2 in. cut off the back and about 1 in. around her ears. She was growing a mullet, it had to go, so we gave her a cute little pixie cut at two months old! It is already growing out again, but we will let it grow. I can already put cute little piggy tails, barrettes, and things in her hair. I will have to take some pictures and post them! For the most part she continues to sleep through the night and naps throughout the day. She is a stinker to feed (like somebody else we know), but she is gaining weight and she is healthy, so I don't worry. Personally, I think she is ready for baby food and is sick of so much baba. She always watches us when we eat and gets excited. We already started rice cereal, so I think this weekend we will start her on some fruits and vegetables, don't worry, already cleared it with the pediatrician! I cannot believe we are already starting baby food! Time is really flying by, so this time around I am trying to live in the moment and enjoy both the good and bad of the baby stage! We are all still so in love with our sweet baby Haivi!


In his defense, he liked wearing my high heels because they make a loud "click clack" noise when he walks, but I do love his pose!
This day he picked out his own clothes. He obviously likes the layered look like his dad. That pose is high fashion!
I don't know why, but he loves my lipgloss and chapstick and somehow he always manages to find it and use it all up in one application.
He is mighty proud of those boots and he pretty much has to wear them everywhere.
My dad threatened to call DCFS. He said obviously Taj was getting too much exposure to the nursing world!

I think these photos may come in handy someday when Taj is misbehaving as a teenager. I'm sure they will carry a lot of leverage and I just might be able to keep him in line!
I know it has been a long time since I last posted so I thought I would give a little update on Taj. Preschool has been amazing for him! He is actually speaking sentences now and he actually wants to know what everything is and he will now repeat about everything we say (Which means I have to be especially careful what I say when I trip over his toys). His latest default reply to everything that he doesn't want to do is, "No! We don't hit, we don't hit!" He will usually say this when we tell him it's time for bed or for quiet time. He also says this to things like doors, toys, walls, etc. when he stubs his toe or runs into them. He is also really good at following classroom procedure and doing what the teachers ask him to do. He has awesome teachers and I'm so thankful for them! He is still as stubborn as ever and lately he has ended up in our bed every night at about 2 a.m. I hope that is a phase that will quickly work itself out! I can't get any sleep with that bony creature right in my back as he refuses to sleep anywhere else, BUT against my back and on my pillow. Haiven loves him more than ever and he is always guaranteed a smile from her. I'm sure I will have two very wild kids on my hands when she is able to walk! He calls her "Haivi" and "baby tister" and "booboos," and then he usually kisses her or tickles her feet or rubs her hair. As wild as Taj is, he does have a sweet side that loves hugs and kisses from momma and every time he hears baby Haivi crying, he will run to her rescue. I think he will do a great job protecting his little sister someday! We love Taj so much and there is not one day that goes by that he doesn't make us laugh!