Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Here he is helping me make the frosting for the sheet cake I made today. He is having a taste of powdered sugar. He liked the taste, just not the mess on his pants and sticky fingers:)

Does anyone else catch themselves saying to their kids:

*Don't touch that! Gross! (or) Hot! (or) Sharp!
*Don't take your diaper off! Come find mama when you need your diaper changed, look at this mess!
*Don't drink your bath water! I mean it, one more sip and you are getting out! Okay that's it, you're getting out!
*Taj we don't pee in the bathwater, we go peepee in the potty...
*Stay out of that drawer, no seriously, I mean it!
*Don't rip the comforter and all the pillows off the mommy and daddy's bed and on the floor! Can't you waller the pillows ON the bed?
*Hey, mommy's couch pillows are not for riding down the stairs! Okay, mommy's just going to have to hide them!
*Taj close the door please. Taj PLEASE close the door. Taj close the door you are letting in all the flies! (After ten flies zoom in the kitchen, he shuts the door) Thank you!
*Taj close the fridge now please. Taj you need to shut the fridge now please. Taj, no you cannot drink soy sauce or lemon juice and trust me you won't like mustard! Okay take the apple and shut the fridge! (By this time moisture has condensed on everything because the door was open for so long)
*Taj take your fingers out of your nose! (As he looks at me with an "as if" stare and fingers up both nostrils)

Geeze, there sure are a lot of explanation points! For those of you who are worried, I'm not yelling all these things, at least not MOST of the time. I've learned lately that he is very sensitive to tone of voice, so I try not to raise my voice to him because the look he gets on his face if someone raises their voice to him would break your heart. Obviously I'm not perfect and I've had my heart broken (well deserved) several times by that look. Little boys are NOT easy for a girly girl like me to raise, but his good moments make me forget all the fiascoes of the day. His monkey hugs and big, puckered-up kisses melt my heart every time and at the end of every single day I'm so thankful Taj is mine.


Brady and Patrice said...

I'm pretty sure I say must of those on a daily basis. :) except for the fridge one because (for my sanity) I put a lock on my fridge... Just wait til you have your baby. I can't believe I have to say other things all the time. Like stop licking miles, don't poke his eyes, and we don't step on miles!

Chels said...

I say all these things to my 2 year old girl. We just got a new fridge, and we especially have to say to close it all the time. We've never had an ice maker before, and she is also pretty excited by that. Thank heavens we can lock it so we don't have ice everywhere! I'm glad I'm not the only one saying all these things