Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This is how cellphones are lost: Letting your two year old pack the diaper bag/purse with all the "essentials". Every time I try to grab something out, five other things fall out on the ground. Let's just say: lesson learned!
Cute little piggy's asleep in their feed dish. This one is for you Marci the Pig Lover!
He really was having fun, just a little apprehensive as was I on account of the very rickety bench we were sitting on. He held onto my leg most of the time.

I hope most everyone was able to enjoy their Labor Day Weekend like we were. My family made the trek "up north" to visit for the weekend. Really, nothing makes a holiday a holiday like family and I am thankful I was able to spend this one with mine. After my family headed back south today, we decided to take Taj to Wheeler Farms for the afternoon. If anyone is looking for a cheap family activity Wheeler Farms is where it's at. We looked at all the farm animals which included horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Of all the animals, I think Taj like the other people's dogs best, it figures! We also took a hayride around the farm, minus the hay thank goodness! We spent a little over an hour there before I began to go into meltdown mode from the humidity and then we retreated to Cafe Rio. All was well until I figured out later in the day that I didn't bring my cell phone home with me from Wheeler Farms. Right now I am experiencing shock and denial. How could this have happened?! What will I do for one WHOLE day without my cell phone?! I really didn't know I was this dependent on my cell phone, but really it's my lifeline to the world and I feel so bare and vulnerable without it. The good news is, somebody turned it in to the lost and found, so my phone and I will hopefully be reunited by tomorrow night! Other than the cellphone incident, it was a perfect day spent with my little family.

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