Monday, March 21, 2011

You're Following an Aristocrat

I love the faded out sign stamped into the back of the trailer that says, "You're following an Aristocrat." I also love that it's flanked by two bass fish. Maybe back in the day only Aristocrats pulled these kinds of trailers with their long Lincoln or Plymouth cars, but I think the sign is so funny now, considering anyone but an Aristocrat is now hauling it. Watch out people, here come the Griswold's!
I LOVE this kitchen. I just love the blue appliances and the silver backdrop. It's so cute, so vintage! I'm loving that it's not a vintage orange or green!

Brannon just couldn't part with this picture because, "It's got a buck in it." I didn't protest seeing as the trailer is an outdoor rig. Thank goodness Brannon didn't put in for the hunt this year, otherwise I'm sure this would've ended up on the deer hunt! (There goes my clean trailer)
I'm pretty sure the previous owner just took the radio out of his old car and stuck it in here. We only get AM radio with it, but some radio is better than none right? I think it's cool.

This is our latest find off We were absolutely in love with the tear drop trailers, but the price of those tiny things was enough to make us cry and for me to bite off my fingernails, soooo we settled for something just as vintage, but much cheaper. Let me introduce you to our 1967 Aristocrat. It was in such good shape (everything working and I mean everything!) and a huge bonus for me: it was super clean too. Usually trailers that old are pretty torn up and grimy, but this one had one caring owner it's whole life. Another plus: no stinky, musty smell that most old trailers acquire with time. We've already cleaned it top to bottom and Brannon even got it licensed and registered after we'd only had it for two days. I think that maybe he's a little excited to try out the Aristocrat. I have to admit, after our near miss with the bear last time we were camping in our tent, camping just got a whole lot less scary for me now that we'll have something of substance between us and the outdoors. I know it looks kind of long in the photos I took, but seriously, it's super short and super light, which means we don't have to have a truck to pull it. We are actually just putting a hitch on our Highlander so hopefully pulling it is a breeze. I'm not sure, but I think camping is going to appear on our agenda a lot more this summer:)

Monday, March 7, 2011


Since I practically grated my knuckle off on the cheese grater tonight while making a "gourmet" dish that I thought a nice wedge of grated Parmesan would compliment nicely, Brannon was the hero of the night and opted to do bath time for me. I gimped my way through the dinner dishes just fine, but the thought of taking on Taj and a nightly soaking when he doesn't want to get out made my knuckle start crying all over again.
To make things a little easier for Brannon, I set out Taj's pajamas, a clean diaper, and a new bottle of lotion with Chamomile scent. It's supposed to be calming right? Er wait, am I thinking of Lavender? Either way, Taj would be more calming to me if he smelled like Chamomile when he's throwing a classic two year old fit. Somehow Brannon managed to get Taj out of the tub without getting soaked himself and when I walked passed Taj's room where Brannon was getting Taj all lathered up with the new lotion, I first saw Brannon scrutinizing the label on the lotion bottle and then I heard him say, "" I was like "What was that?" And when I finally realized what he was trying to do, I laughed...I know sooooo rude, but it was the funniest thing I've heard all day. That's when I told him it's Chamomile, you know, like the herb, like Lavender. They make scented lotions, candles, herbal tea and the like with it.
You really can't blame a guy if he doesn't know what Chamomile is. Brannon is more of a man's man if you know what I mean, not in to that girly herbal stuff. At least he was resourceful and tried to use Spanish to interpret the word since he didn't recognize it in English:) I love this guy!