Friday, September 26, 2008

Enchanting Halloween Village

Hey there everyone! My husband's stepmom is an amazing decorator and she also happens to be an amazing village-put-together-er. Unfortunately, my camera is not sophisticated enough to capture the whole effect of the village with the lights turned off, so I had to use a flash, but you can definitely see how enchanting the halloween village is that she put together. It is a recreation of Salem, Massachussetts in the fall. I will someday make that treck there myself to check it out in the fall because I hear it's pretty amazing. We decided that villages are so cool because you imagine yourself in the village. It's like being a child again...what's cooler than that?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello again everyone!
Still no baby yet. Bran told me tonight that he thinks the baby is holding on for dear life. I'm starting to think so too. I was so sure that I would have him at least a couple weeks early. I'll be 39 weeks on Friday. I wasn't supposed to make it this far!!!! Oh well, he'll get here soon enough. We're all too excited to have him here and are becoming quite impatient if you can't tell. My sister called to tell me today that she was getting "kinda mad" at me because I haven't had the baby yet and my mom calls about every day now just to make sure that I didn't try to call her earlier with the only news that she wants to hear: "We're going to have a baby!" I can't wait until I can call and actually say those words:) Bran and I both got sick this week. Bran brought some kind of gaumboo home from work last weekend and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I got it too...some kind of crazy sinus yuckiness. Watch out everyone because it is going around and it's definitely not fun, so I'm hoping the baby does hold out for a few more days until we're both over whatever it is we caught. I thought I might be brave and include a bare belly photo. Nothing wrong with a pregnant belly is there? Afterall, there's a sweet little baby in there and I want to remember what my bare pregant belly looked like (although as of now it is an image that's been burned into my mind...can't help it. I see it every day!) My apologies to those of you who don't want the image burned into your mind;) Anyway, the next time I blog I hope it includes pictures of our new little baby.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hey Everyone!
We are just counting down the days until the little guy arrives. I got the crib bedding (courtesy of my mom:)) a couple days ago and got everything set up with the crib and changing table. I've been organizing and re-organizing now for the past week or so. I guess it's all part of that crazy nesting thing...although I think Brannon is nesting more than I am. He re-organized the linen closet, the storage room, and my bathroom closet with all my lotions, hair products, make up, etc. It's funny being scolded by a man to not mess up his "organization." I never thought that would happen to me, but I guess stranger things have happened. I am 38 weeks this week and I feel like it could happen any day now, or at least I've been visualizing really hard that it will happen. I think the baby has dropped down because it feels like I'm walking around with a 10 pound watermelon on my pelvis. Now I really am a waddling pregnant woman! Getting out of bed and off the couch and out of cars requires much sustained effort now. I count it as exercise. If Brannon is there he lends a helping hand....such a sweet guy:) Tomorrow I find out if I've made any progress. All I can say is, is that the doctor had better have good news for me or else I could become his worst nightmare and be very unpleasant to be around....poor Brannon. I think that men deserve some credit for surviving a pregnant woman's hot-and-cold hormones during pregnancy. Brannon has survived thus far and I consider myself lucky to have a guy like him because I don't know if I'd want to deal with my hormones for 9 months. I'll keep you all posted!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well today I am officially another year older. I feel like life is passing by me so fast! It just goes to show that we really do need to take the time and enjoy our lives in the present and stop living in the future so much because we'll never get these days back. I've been trying to make that a goal for myself, but it can be hard to enforce sometimes. Well I made the most of my day today! First I went and got my toes done. I figured that I deserved a little TLC since I'm going to be having this baby soon. Plus, I told Brannon that having nice toes would make me feel pretty in the hopsital;) Unfortunately, my toes look more like bear claws now. I didn't think they would come out looking so thick and long! My mom says I'll have to get my shoes a size bigger for them to fit. I think I'll take a file to these babies tomorrow to see I can tame them a bit. I also got my hair done today too. I went back to being a brunette and feel much more comfortable, only my brunette is a lot more red. The lady who did it told me "Now the red in this color will be a bit vibrant, but it'll fade." The red is very vibrant, so I had her dye my eyebrows too so that I wouldn't look that fake. Needless to say, I am not posting any pics of my hair for a couple of weeks. I'm going to give it time to fade. My husband made my day when I received a dozen gerber daisies this morning at my door. They are beautiful. I've always said that if we are reincarnated someday that I would come back as a gerber daisy. They are the smile of my soul:) Bran treated me to dinner tonight, courtesy of Red Robin, and then we stopped by the mall and had the best cake ever! If you're ever at Fashion Place Mall go to the food court to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and ask them for frozen cheesecake on a stick. They dip it in their best ever chocolate and it is the best cheesecake ever! It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My dearest husband took a Harley ride this weekend with his Dad and a couple of cowboys of the road aka "real biker dudes." He said that one of his dreams in life was to ride with some "real bikers" at least once....I guess just to say that he did it, so thank goodness he was able to check that off his list without getting himself killed. Bran loves bikers and I told him it's because bikers are the modern day cowboys and outlaws. I told him he'd better not get too into the biker thing. If he goes and gets himself killed on one, he'll definitely be hearing it from me when I get to the other side! While Bran spent his weekend on a Harley, I spent my weekend walking around the malls looking for an "Autumn Wreath" cented candle that I could only find in one store and coincidentally a store in the mall that was closest to my house. It was sooooo worth it though! I haven't had a good candle in a long time and this candle has "Everything good about fall" written all over it. I am still very pregnant and getting around is becoming more and more difficult. I had lunch at the mall and spilled tomatoe sauce all over my big belly. The bad thing about it was that I was wearing a white t-shirt too, so it was so obvious. All I could think was "Why didn't I wear the hot pink t-shirt???? At least the offensive stain would've been camoflauged!" I tried scrubbing it out in the bathroom, but it just wouldn't give. One lady tried to console me by telling me "You have an excuse this time." It did make me feel a little better, like I had a right to walk around with a big orange stain on my shirt. Oh well...I learned my lesson. I'm getting myself a Tide pen and soon, before another stain nightmare befalls me! Anyway, I've included another pregnant picture of me at 36 weeks. I hope this boy decides to come within the next two weeks, but at my appointment last week, the doctor said that the kid wasn't even close to budging. So please, if you care for me at all, pray that I'll be able to deliver in a couple weeks!!!

Husband Tag!

What is his name: Brannon James Morse
How long have we been married: About 3 1/2 awesome years
Who said I love you first: I did I think. I think I told him over the phone when he was out of town. It was way scary, but new and exciting at the same time. He knew he scored big when he heard the words "I love you" coming out of my mouth:)
Who is taller: Definitely Brannon. I call him my "Big Guy"
Who sings better: I don't know....Bran's definitely got the country twang down pretty good
Who is smarter: We're college grads, so we're both smart right?
Who pays the bills?: Right now Bran is the man.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Bran does cause its closest to the bedroom door. I feel safer with him right there.
Who mows the lawn: The friendly maintenance staff at Royal Farms, but you can bet if we had a lawn and a lawn mower Bran would be all over it. He loves yard work.
Who cooks dinner: I do. Bran claims he has no idea how to cook, so someone's gotta do it around here:)
Who drives: We take turns. We both like driving and Bran likes his naps on the road, so I get my fair share of behind the wheel time.
Who's more stubborn: I think that I am. He gives sooner than I do. Such a humble guy;)
Who kissed who first: Bran kissed me on the forehead and then the cheek and then the lips. Such a charmer:)
Who asked who out: My knight in shining armour asked me out at a fireside.
Who proposed: Bran did. I think I knew he was going to because he was acting really weird all night. He was a basket of nerves, but he did get down on his knee and I've never regretted saying "Yes."
His Best Feature: His personality, his physique, his freckles, his laugh, and his smile...I could go on and on....
Who has more siblings: I do by one sibling. I have four and he has three.
Who wears the pants in the family: We each wear one pant leg, sometimes it gets a little tight, but we make it work.
What do we like doing together: We love being outdoors together, blogging together, and just hanging out. We just love each other's company. Now I tag Haley, Beth, and Emry!