Monday, January 31, 2011

Hidden Talent

One hidden talent that I just figured out I had (prepare to be amazed!): I can cook dinner and play cowboys at the same time! Wait, what?! No applause? I'm sure some of you are saying you can do this with your eyes closed! One word: overachievers...(or is that two?) These days, in my world, multitasking is no small feat. It's hard to do most anything around here without Taj tearing something up while I'm trying to do something productive around the house. Playing cowboys is Taj's latest obsession. He chooses which gun I get and then we walk around the house shooting those loud things over and over again. I make it a point not to point the gun at him. I figure it's never too early to start gun safety! Happy Monday everyone!


adamkristalee said...

That's quite a talent:) I can't multitask while making dinner, maybe I should try playing cowboys with Keziah and see if I could do it. Oh and I love that boys of all size and age love playing guns/cowboys:)

Cherish said...

I would have to say Talent for sure! way to go mom :)