Friday, January 7, 2011


So since I last posted about Taj sending Spongebob for a swim, he has now gone potty two more times on his own. There is one little hang-up however...every time he does it, I'm not there to see it and when I walk in the bathroom I find him trying to transport the pee pee out of the potty chair into the big toilet with his hands. So the big question here is this: What do I say?! On the one hand I'm supposed to congratulate (jumping up and down, hands clapping, the whole bit) him for going pee pee in the big boy potty and on the other hand, he's got his hands in the pee pee and I don't want him associating excitement and encouragement with putting your hands in pee! I think we're making progress here. Maybe I just need to teach him how to dump his own potty chair in the big toilet. I'm guessing I'm going to need to keep a LOT of Clorox wipes on hand!

I know this photo is totally unrelated to the above statement, but you remember my post forever long ago where I mentioned that I was making my own decorative pillows as a beginner's project? Well, here they are. I actually finished them in November, but I've been so embarrassed by the the misplacement of the buttons that I intentionally neglected to post a picture of the final product. I think my sewing teacher would have given me at least a B- on this project. At least the seams won't tear apart if you tug on them!


Marci Dawn said...

hahaha taj is a champ. love him.
and i LOVE the pillows! they turned out sooo good. seriously.

Janice Twitchell said...

yay for taj! love it. can't believe he just goes all by himself. so awesome! as for the pee in the hands say tell him good job on going potty, but then have him pick up the pee pot (you helping of course) and help him take it over to the potty, dump, flush, then do the huge potty congratulatory dance? I don't know? good luck! The pillows turned out good! love them!