Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Treadmill Warning

Those of you who have treadmills around the house, this is what it can do to your child's fingers. Taj turned the treadmill on a low setting and thought it would be fun to lay on his stomach and slide off the back of it. Once he fell off the end of it, he put his hand on the end of the treadmill where the tread wraps around and it sucked his hand up into the treadmill. Besides giving him a really bad sandpaper-like burn/hole on his finger, we think it broke his pinkie because it was so swollen and still is. Exercise equipment is just NOT safe for kids to play on. I can't tell you how sad it was:( He was in sooo much pain! I'm just so thankful it didn't do anything worse!


Raevan Blake said...

Wow, OUCH! Poor kiddo, Gentri actually got a little burn the other day leaving her hand on it while I was runnung. Little kids don't understand friction, LOL!

Cherish said...

Poor kid. When my oldest was about Taj's age he fell on a treadmill and took a hunk of skin out of his chin too. No fun :(

Jake said...

Poor kiddo. Many kids are injured on treadmills every year. It brings lots of pain to kids and families. It would be smart keep kids away from treadmills. And I found an interesting treadmill accessory, the safety sensor, https://www.lifespanonline.com.au/product.php?action=256.

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