Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All in a Day's Work

Believe it or not, he can still melt my heart after a Taj the Terrible day:)
I don't think so mister....sagging our pants is NOT the cowboy way!
This is what my couch also looks like, only in black pen. Looks great against the red microfiber.
You can't see it, but there is at least two inches of water in a three foot spread seeping into my wood floor after Taj toppled the humidifier.
These curtains didn't even last 24 hours in Taj's room. Poor things didn't stand a chance during nap time.
Yeah, maybe I said a little swear word under my breath when I walked in and saw this. Especially since the rod was brand new and now it's snapped to pieces...all I can do is sigh and be glad I didn't pay much for the rod!

*Not pictured, he also peed all over my bedspread today. I think it was the crowning moment of the day. I better just smile right? Someday....someday I will wish I could have these days back again....at least that's what everyone tells me:)


Marci Dawn said...

hahahahhah holy cow that boy is WIIIILD. i sure do love him. and i am sure glad im not that one having to clean up pee. :)

jer and lous crew said...

ok so i have to be frank...you will not miss these days...when he melts your heart MAYBE or probably but the ones when he is a stinker...YOU WON'T MISS...believe me i have been there and now i'm not and PS i don't miss it...chin up this too shall PASS...loves from me