Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy 28th!

Brannon turned 28 years old today...I can't believe it, we are almost 30!!! Correction: HE is almost 30 (I still have 5 more years). He always jokes that he is soooo much older than me, but we all know who the mature one is in this relationship;) I married a good man and this picture proves it. You see this is his deer from his highly coveted Paunsaugunt deer hunt. It's like the deer hunt you only get to do once in your life and when I told him there was no way he was hanging dead animals in our house, he kindly accepted my response and painted himself a wall in the dungeon and hung it down there. He puts up with a lot of my female hormones and Taj's two year old antics, but he always does it with a smile and a joke. Thanks for being such an awesome daddy and a good husband, we love you!

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RT said...

Happy B day Brannon!!! You do a great job taking care of my girl and my grandson. Thanks for all you do!!