Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Maybe There's Hope

Poor Spongebob...he didn't stand a chance against a two year old boy!
I heard some rustlings coming from the bathroom and found Taj naked, diaper and pajamas on the floor with the step stool pushed up to the toilet and the potty seat in place. I'm thinking he gets the general idea. Now hopefully he will actually go potty one of these days instead of just sending his toys for a dunk!


Kelly said...

I have been working with Nicole for a little while. It's frustrating. But I know it will take time so i'm not going to stress about it:)

Brian and Megan said...

Gavin randomly ran and peed in the toilet two days before Christmas while i was getting him ready for a bath. He now pees in the toilet every night before his bath but freaks out if u mention it any other time. These boys have a mind of their own ; ) let me know how it goes with Taj maybe I'll start trying with Gav

The Black's! said...

Yesterday Peyton just kept telling me he needed to go pee and only had a few accidents. Today he's not so excited. So it comes and goes in phases :)