Wednesday, July 25, 2012

June Wedding

 Leave it to Taj to find a "twactuh" and bum a ride on it. The teenage boys operating this loader (not sure if that is the right name for it. I call everything like that a loader-shows how much I know about heavy equipment!) were so nice to take Taj up on there and let him check things out. I'm pretty sure he thought that was heaven.
 Love this picture. You can really see that attitude of Taj's come alive whenever he wears a pair of shades and you let him think he's in charge like Uncle Brian did by letting Taj hold onto the handle bars on the fourwheeler.
 Auntie Marci and Haivi baby
 Can you spot Lewis Lodge? Too bad we hiked in the wrong way, could've had a MUCH closer look! Leave it to the Nielson clan to learn things the hard way. Oh well, at least we had fun doing it!
 Haha-it was very windy!

Why would I title this post "June Wedding" you say? Well there is an explanation, just not a single picture to back it up. My youngest sister Macee got herself wedded to one Roman Black in June. So now my little sister is Macee Black and has joined the young and married club. It was the quickest wedding I have ever been too. There was no reception and the wedding ceremony and luncheon took all of about two hours and the happy couple was gone! We all stood around a little dazed and wondered to ourselves if they actually just got married. It felt something akin to a planned elopement (correct terminology? who cares!). Basically they told us the date and time and we all showed up and then they were off. My parents are nearly empty nesters now with four out of five kids married and one set to graduate high school in two years. It's crazy how family dynamics change once everyone starts moving out and getting married and having kids, oh wait, I'M the only one having kids. Why is that? My siblings are definitely a little behind! So I will post some pictures of my beautiful little sis and her handsome groom as soon as I can!

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