Sunday, July 1, 2012

Antelope Island

 I just noticed the "No Trespassing" sign when I uploaded these to the blog, but not to worry, it was just the product of an old park ranger's idea of cozy cabin decor.

 Obviously we couldn't keep Taj off the "twactuhs". I swear that kid was supposed to be born on a farm!

 Taj and Brannon have the same look, sometimes I wonder if I have two boys:) I do not know what was so mesmerizing about this old sheep camp. Brannon says he would love to have one of these. I say I'd rather sleep in my bed at home.

 Plenty of these handsome fellows out there.
 The Well House: DO NOT under any circumstances let your children go in here unsupervised! There are NO signs that say it is a well house and there is still water in here. Taj came in here by himself and thankfully a couple saw him go in and told us about the water.
How much water is there you say? Hmmm, I don't know, but what I do know is that the water is black and dark and freaking scary and it certainly looks deep enough for a curious child to drown in. In my opinion, they either need to board this up or post warning signs right on the entrance. If a child drowns here, it will be on Antelope Island State Park because there were no rangers out there to warn us and there are no signs. SO BEWARE if you take your children to Antelope Island! Does this place not look like it belongs in a horror film anyway?

We took a spur of the moment trip to Antelope Island the beginning of June and it was actually more fun that I thought it was going to be. It was however, unusually cold, so we did not stay long. It is a very pretty drive out there and there are a lot of photo-ops for buffalo and seagulls. I did not see one single antelope. I don't know why they call it Antelope Island. It should be called Buffalo Island because we saw hundreds of those! If you are looking for a nice day out of the house, pack a picnic and head over to Antelope. I heard they have a nice visitor's center and if the weather is nice, you can head down to the beach. I don't know if you can swim there (I wouldn't want to-deathly afraid of water), but I know a certain little boy that loves throwing rocks in the water, so that is what we would do. I'm sure we will go back out there at least one more time before summer's end!

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