Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Haivi Girl

 This little girl loves food and eats more than her brother does, but I honestly wonder how much she actually gets in her mouth! It stresses me out when she eats because she's so messy and I'm so OCD about food in her hair, ears, nose, up her arms, on the floor, on the chair, squished under those chunky thighs of hers. I just have do a few breathing exercises to get through mealtime with her! Thank goodness for wipees!

 This girl definitely loves her blankey and her Minnie Mouse that her Auntie Ali and Uncle Matt gave her. I went in to check on her the other day while she was napping and I couldn't resist taking a picture. I just love that little diaper bum bum of her in those skinny jeans!

Unlike her brother, Haivi LOVES the spotlight. I think we already know that we have a little diva on our hands.

We went to Haivi's well check a couple weeks ago and here are her stats: Head circumference: 99% percentile (her nog is still growing! Incredible!) Weight: 60% percentile and Height: 80% percentile. Her weight is definitely starting to average out, but I'm thinking this girl is going to have some legs on her when she grows up. I really hope she is AT LEAST four inches taller than me.
She is still not crawling, but in the meantime has resorted to scooting around on her bum to get the toys she wants. She still loves clapping her hands when we say "Yay!" and today she waved "Hi" to me. She says "mamma," "dadda," "uh-oh," and tried her best to say "hi," today. I think we are going to have a little chatterbox talking our ears off pretty soon, which will be very good for her big brother. I think she will help him make big progress in the eating and talking department!
Other big news: she is working on six teeth! Three are fully in and the other three are trying to work their way in, so needless to say, we've had grumpy little girl on our hands the past two weeks. I hope for her sake they come in soon, poor thing. We love our little Haivi bug and her BIG personality. We definitely have a firecracker on our hands!

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