Sunday, July 1, 2012

Haivi's Piggies

Poor Haivi doesn't have a mom who knows how to do a french braid, let alone all the other fancy hair-dos I see other little tots sporting,so she will have to settle for regular ol' piggy tails and pony tails. Part of me wants to learn how to do tricked out hair on my baby girl, but then again it also looks quite painful. I remember when I was a little girl getting my hair fixed. I remember all that tugging and pulling and I was expected to take it on the chin or else get whopped on the head with the back of the brush. Some days I got both, but that was mostly with topsy-tails. I still HATE those things! ANYWAY, I am super proud of the little piggy tails Haiven is sporting. Don't judge the lines--it's VERY hard to style an 8 month old's hair. She looked so adorable and too grown-up for my liking, so she's only had piggy tails a couple more times since these pictures:)

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