Sunday, July 1, 2012

Morse Family Camping Trip 2012

We pulled the ol' Aristocrat up the mountain a couple weekends ago for our annual Morse Family Camping Trip. It's just us and we usually only make it out once or twice a year, thus the word "annual."  I enjoy everything about camping except for the bugs, peeing outside, sleeping or rather NOT sleeping in a cold trailer or tent, and all the dirt. I do enjoy being outdoors and making dinner for my family. It kind of makes me feel like a pioneer, preparing food outdoors and basically being the coolest person in camp. Who doesn't love the camp chef? The source of food? I know I love the camp chef, especially when it's not me! The kids did really well. Taj ate two smores that consisted of dirt, graham crackers, and cold, untoasted marshmallows and chips for dinner. Don't you love camp food?! Going to bed was a little difficult since we brought the pack and play for Haiven. The dang thing took up so much space, you had to literally hurdle it to get from one side of the trailer to the other. Whenever we go camping I always pray for daylight to come fast. I did this time too, only I prayed that Haiven wouldn't either freeze to death or suffocate. I kept touching her cold cheek all night, sure that she had frozen to death, so I would wrap her in another blanket and then I would check her 15 minutes later sure that she had suffocated to death. Basically I spent all night like that and when I wasn't checking on her, Brannon was and when he did, he flipped and flopped so savagely that the entire trailer rocked and I was sure there was a bear out there trying to get in and eat my babies. I also prayed that I wouldn't have to pee in the middle of the night because there was no way I was going to go out there with that bear in my head out there rocking the trailer! Sunrise finally came, much to my relief and found both kids well rested and both parents baggy-eyed and groggy. Isn't camping fun??? It was fun though. I guess all the inconveniences are part of the experience and part of what makes it fun (only for a night!).

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