Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kanab Country

 Taj and Brannon went on a trail ride with Hayes, one of Brannon's younger brothers as their guide. Brannon and his brothers grew up in the saddle and I know if we lived closer, Taj would too. He loved it. I am always telling Brannon that Taj is a country boy at heart.

 Joey Jill (Haye's daughter), Haiven, and Taj

As you can see from the pictures, Haiven was quite the drama queen the ENTIRE time we were in Kanab visiting Brannon's family. She cried if you set her down, she cried if you barely bumped her, she cried if you looked cross-eyed at her or if a stranger said "hello." I really didn't mind it however because I got a lot of snuggle time with that little chica every time she had a melt down moment. You can see in the last picture Papa Clint is getting snuggles after cousin Joey tipped over (in the pictures above) and bumped Haivi's head. That of course set both of them off crying. Oh I love my little Haivi, drama and all. Girls are so much fun.
Taj on the other hand could not get enough of Kanab. Papa Clint and Grammy Tad have all sorts of fun things to explore like horses, a goat, an old broken down tractor, a trampoline, about a dozen hound dogs and their kennels, hound puppies, and a closet full of toys. We traveled to Kanab a few weeks ago to take family pictures, so as soon as I get some, you can be sure to be wowed by the Morse fam in full country attire. It was completely natural for Taj and Brannon and even little Haivi looked so cute in her little denim wrangler dress. Me? I did my best to fit the part, but probably came across as more department store cowgirl. I still really like the jeans I bought from Reams though for the shoot, even if they do have a lot of bling on the pockets! We love going to Kanab to visit Brannon's dad and brothers and his wife's family. Hopefully we get to go back again soon!

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