Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Swing Set

Haiv and I were waiting for Taj to wake up from his nap so we went outside to play:)

Our backyard just got a lot more interesting this summer. Every kid on the block is going to wish they lived at our house. We have now added the addition of a brand new swing set. The set we wanted was way over our price range (never knew those things were so expensive), so we settled for this set, which was still very expensive and it only took us two days and four trips to the manufacturer for parts to set up. Brannon spent 8 hours the first day putting it together. I went out and helped him for about three hours. Those things are WAY harder to put together than they seem. I'm sorry to say that some rude words were said. There were times when we thought we were doomed to be stuck with a halfway put together, useless swing set that we were going to have to pay Lifetime $400 dollars to set up because we couldn't do it. With a lot of elbow grease and rude words, we got it. Brannon knocked the hide off his knuckles and bumped his head countless times on the monkey bars and swing posts. I was impressed because he only gritted his teeth. He may have sworn in his head, but not out loud. Me on the other hand? Taj dropped the rubber mallet on my barefoot toes and that was after Brannon had slammed the ladder down on that same foot. I'm sorry to report that I did not handle either of those situations with much finesse. I may have said a rude word or two and angrily accused them both of trying to maim or kill me. All the sweat and pain was worth it though. Haiven loves her swing and Taj is out on that every day begging me to push him high or to go down the slip and slide slide. That thing shoots kids off it fast! Or maybe it just shot me off fast (must be that extra baby weight I'm still carrying around). The first time I went down it with Taj we flew off it and I hurt my foot and I was sure I had a stress fracture on the ball of my foot. I couldn't walk on the dang thing for the rest of the night. With experience though, I am happy to report that I have now mastered that slippery slide. We love the swing set and I'm so glad that Taj has more to do in our backyard. It's so nice to play in the shade on grass and not on the hot slides at the park in the hot sand! We will get some very good use out of this!

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Janice Twitchell said...

chelle that swingset looks like so much fun!
p.s. hope taji gets the potty training thing down. Kagen is finally showing some interest and making progress. although he does much better outside as well. today, he was so proud he pooped outside. I had to high five him for not pooping in his pants and then kindly ask him to do it in the potty next time, haha! yay for potty training.