Sunday, August 19, 2012

Family Pics

My sister (Marci Dawn Photography) took these beautiful photos for us. I absolutely LOVE them! I especially love the ones of Taj and Haiven together because they show how absolutely protective he is of her. She is one lucky little sister to have a big brother who loves her and cares for her so much and we are VERY lucky parents to be blessed with such adorable kids. Our world really does revolve around these two and we are so thankful EVERY day for them. There is not one SINGLE day that goes by where both Brannon and I don't look at each other amazed and comment on how much we love these two and how it is possible that WE get to be THEIR parents. We are so blessed and we are so thankful for temples and the covenants that allow us to be with our babies after this life too. Check out if you want to know more about what temples can do for you.


Clay and Jessica Brown said...

Your little girl is a little Mini Michelle! :D How fun...some great shots! Your sister does good work!

saraH said...

Hi. I hope I don't sound like a total creep, but I saw your design at Shabby Apple and found your blog. I was asked by Shabby Apple to enter the emerging designers program and I wanted to talk to someone who went through it, among other questions with manufacturing, etc. I tried to find your email address, but couldn't find it anywhere. Would you mind if you emailed me at sarahmchoi{at} so I can ask you a few questions? I would appreciate it so much, I have no clue or what to do first with my designs. I have a blog over at Thank you so much in advance!