Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Small Town Meanderings

 We hit up the dinosaur museum in Blanding one afternoon. I think Taj was more interested on trying to climb on the exhibits than he was in the actual dinosaurs.

 Haivi was just excited to have her picture taken!
 I really like this one of Taj checking out T-rex. I think he was contemplating in his little mind whether or not it was a good idea to climb on this particular display.

 We also hit the carnival scene in Blanding. Can I say that place is definitely NOT as cool when you are an adult? It seemed so much...smaller, dirtier, windier, crummier, nauseatingly expensive. You can bet Great Grandma Martha and Grandma LeaAnn didn't care about price though as far as Taj was concerned! This is my grandma Martha holding Taj's prized monkey that we or should I say SHE paid $5 for when he used a big rubber mallet to hit one of those things that shoots a metal disc up a pole. I have no idea what they are called, but he got more than her money's worth hitting it!

 I think this was by far Taj's favorite ride. He rode it like 10 times. Made me sick just watching him!
 He is telling us which ride he wanted to go on next. This kid was so excited to be here, he couldn't stop spinning in circles trying to decide where to go next. Everything must seem so big and bright and exciting when you are that little.
 He OWNED this ride and you can tell too, can't you?!
 On this ride he was more preoccupied with how the gears worked than he was with enjoying the ride.
 I HATE these fun house things. What a rip off! I was trying to get Taj to pose for a picture with me and he ended up throwing a fit and kicking his boots off.
 Oh Taj could just not help himself when we finished walking through this goofy contraption. He ran back in there quicker than I could run to get him and then be both got stuck in that rickety, stupid wheel. I was trying to pick him up and I literally could NOT catch my footing.
 He is laughing. I am trying to keep us both upright, but you can see we are well on our way to halfway up the wheel.
 Where were my mom and grandma? Standing there laughing and taking picture the whole time. I thought we were going to make it out this time, haha, guess not!
 FINALLY, grandma Martha comes to the rescue.
 I was halfway worried Taj would suck her into that torrent of torture and then I knew we'd all be running in that wheel like hamsters and inevitably crash and burn. That wheel would have had no remorse and would have dumped us all out like dirty laundry.
 Yay grandma Martha! You saved us!
 This is attractive. Look at Taj, the little devil, he is already eyeing that stupid spook alley!
 We went through this TWICE! It was like walking in a pitch black, claustrophobic rat maze. That last time we went through a little boy decided to follow us through because he said he was scared to go by himself, so we went first and when I stopped to assess my surrounds, he rammed right into the back of me and I think it scared him so bad he yelled, "GO!" I couldn't help laughing as we walked by demented clowns and were serenaded by chain saws. There was a scary monster sound at the end and Taj could not stop talking about the "scawwy monstuh" for the rest of the night. Poor kid, I think he was traumatized as much as I was. I was halfway scared one of the creepy carnies working the booth would be hiding in there!
 I love this picture. Haivi cannot help herself when it comes to earrings. You can just see the intensity and focus on her face. I told grandma Martha that she was pretty brave to let Haiv's little fingers that close to her earrings!
Anybody else remember this ride? I only rode this like 100 times when I was a kid. I cannot believe that it did not make me sick! It was my favorite carnival ride by far and you can bet I didn't waste any time on the zipper or the swings! I saved up my $5 bills for THIS beauty when I was young and had an iron gut.

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