Thursday, August 9, 2012


 Does anyone else's little kids' haircut sessions look like this?
 The i-pad was not working.
 One second before before the mega meltdown.
 Mega meltdown

 Who knew he wanted his shirt off? Made things better for about two seconds until the hair started sticking to his sweaty little body and then I had to keep towling him off just so we could make it through the haircut.
 He looked like such a stud afterwards, but WOW what fight that kid puts up! Makes me want to just let him grow it long, but you can see below what his hair does when it grows long. As you can see, it takes an army to give him a haircut! I hope someday he grows out of it!
 He had this weird peacock fan thing going on.
 Haivi was a poised princess. She went first because we thought that would help Taj see that it wasn't going to be scary or hurt. She didn't make a peep. She just kept turning her head to see what the heck we were trying to do to her hair.

We gave her a cute little bob. It was her second haircut. Her first was at two months. We just love our chunky monkey!

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