Thursday, August 9, 2012

Americana in Monticello

 My two baby sisters holding my baby. I love these girls!
 Aren't they cute?
 Brian and Marci obviously had no problem with the heat in Monticello. They are used to that hellish heat in Arizona. There is no doubt if I lived where they did I would be in a half-crazed, irritable frenzy for at least 8 months out of the year! Aren't they the epitome of "hipster?"
 My brother Matt and his wife Ali are hopefuls for one of these of their own. Brannon and I are STILL the only ones with kids, so obviously people in my family have some catching up to do!
 My kids are pretty spoiled aren't they? Taj just loves his great grandma Martha!
 Taj STILL gets held. Look at him, he is pretty much as tall as my grandma!
 Taj was pretty much in heaven. Small towns parade rock! We have never seen so much candy thrown out. Taj sat down to his candy buffet after a little while and let us gather the candy for him.
 Of course we had to go check this out after the parade.
 Haivi does NOT like sirens one bit. She cried for about 20 minutes after the sirens stopped just to make sure we all knew how upset she was over it.
 I've probably written this in another post, but my best friend Sinamin and I used to play on this tractor when we were kids and it sat stationary at the park. We'd play in those huge wheel spokes and then we'd climb up inside and pretend to drive it. Not until a few years ago, did I find out that there are only four of these tractors left in the world.
 The haul. We only got two crummy salt water taffies at the Kaysville parade. We will never go to that parade again. Worst parade ever!
He rode the train twice and he did NOT want his picture taken. He is really weird about that still. He's okay with people looking at him, but not camera lenses.

This post is super late AGAIN, but like I said these pictures will come in handy someday:) These are all from the 24th of July parade in Monticello. We and by "we" I mean all of my siblings came home for the 24th and we had a mini family reunion. I don't believe we will all see each other again until Christmas, so each of us usually jumps at the chance to go home when everyone is going to be there. Anyway, it was good to spend time with family!

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