Monday, February 27, 2012

Mr. Smarty Pants

He kind of looks like Ralphie off A Christmas Story, melts my heart!

Haha, love this pose. That is what I call high fashion!
He was making the funniest faces with these on because obviously the prescription is way too strong for him and he had trouble not only seeing, but walking.

Today Taj told me, "It my tun! (turn)" and he reached for my glasses. He's been trying to get at them for a few days now so I decided to let him try them on. He loved them so much I got out an old pair of glasses and let him wear those. It's a good thing I gave him my old ones too as it took less than 15 min. for him to crack one of the lenses. To play it safe, I just had Brannon remove the lenses. Of course now that the lenses are removed, he refuses to wear them because he thinks they are broken...ahhhh, whatever! Three-year-olds are soooo dramatic and demanding! It's just a good thing he's so cute or I don't know what I'd do with him!

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Marci Dawn said...

Love thisssss!! He is so cute. :)