Monday, February 27, 2012

The Best of Taj

I thought I erased all the flattering picture Taj took of me, but apparently I missed one, so I thought I would include it in his portfolio:)

Prop #1: His toy hammer, which he personally handed to her just to get a picture of her with it:)

Prop #2: The lid off a Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcake container.

Taj is way into taking pictures lately. He is only willing to pose for a picture if he can then turn around and take a picture of me or Haiven. I cringe when I let him hold my camera, but he is smart enough to at least know to put the strap around his neck just in case he does drop it, so it won't hit the floor. He likes to point the camera only a few inches away from your face and thinks it's hilarious to keep hitting the button only halfway down so that the flash keeps going off in your face-drives me nuts because I'm practically blind afterwards. He also likes to take a picture trying a different setting each time and he does this because I think that he likes just pushing buttons. I think I know what to get this boy for his next birthday! All of the above pictures were taken by Taj. As you can see he added props in a couple of them:) Yes I think my photographer sister (Marci Dawn Photography) may have some competition!

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