Sunday, February 19, 2012

He wins the prize!

I know this post is rather tardy, but since our blog is basically our family journal, I didn't want to forget what Brannon did for me on Valentine's Day this year. We actually celebrated a day later since I was still in Las Vegas for my first official business trip. In our almost seven years of marriage this Valentine's Day Brannon really made an effort to plan something nice, something creative for me. In his defense, he never forgets the holidays, he just gets really nervous about planning things, so he usually reverts to the default dinner out on the town. This time he told me he had dinner taken care of and not to worry about cooking. I was glad because I was super tired from Vegas and I caught somebody's sickness from the plane ride I'm sure. Brannon came home that night with Texas Roadhouse bags in hand and he snuck outside for a bit. I honestly had no idea what he was doing until he told me to bring the kids and come outside. Our little camp trailer is parked by the house and he opened the door for me and I beheld white rose petals sprinkled all over, little candles glowing everywhere, a vase full of roses, our dinner set out on the table, and everything glowed under a soft, red light. He even put the roses in rose-scented potpourri, which I thought was super cute! Everything was lovely until I put our styrofoam container full of Roadhouse rolls too close to one of the candles. All of a sudden I heard a loud whoosh noise and I started screaming when I saw huge flames erupting from the container. Brannon had gone back in the house and without thinking I blew on the fire like I would a match and the flames only got higher. I screamed out the door for Brannon and he came running out. He took one look at the burning container and grabbed it with his bare hands and threw it out the door. Our dinner rolls skittered down the driveway and there was a horrible stench and black ash flying all around in the trailer. I think it scared Taj half to death, but Haiven didn't make a peep! Luckily, the only real damage was a small burn to the table and to Brannon's hand, and of course our dinner rolls were toast, literally! We had a good laugh about it later, but Taj kept wanting to know, "what happen?!" throughout the rest of the night, he was so concerned about the "scary fire!" I know that we will always remember this Valentine's Day celebration! I will remember the thoughtful planning that went into it and how I almost burned down our camp trailer and how Branon was our hero!

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Janice Twitchell said...

Oh chelle! I have to say I about died laughing! I would have blown on it too, I think. And hats off to Bran for being romantic. Tell him to get Cole in on that gig next time. ;) Glad you guys were okay and that you had a good dinner regardless.