Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Haiven Four Months

She does not like oatmeal cereal after trying it for the first time, can you tell? We will keep trying though, because I want her to eat food, regardless of texture, unlike a certain big brother...
p.s. In case anyone was wondering, yes that is a Bumbo chair she is sitting in and no we don't ever leave her unattended or turn our backs on her for a second. Although, after I've seen all the reports of skull fractures from babies falling out of them on the floor, I will no longer be using it on countertops or raised surfaces. We are going to get out the trusty highchair!

Sweet little Haiven continues to grow and grow! At four months she weighs 14 lbs. (60%), is 24 in. long (60%), and her head is in the 94th percentile. What can I say? My kids have ginormous heads and hopefully they lots of brain power to go with it! Haiven continues to be such a little sweetheart. She is always good for a smile unless you are a strange man or are wearing a hat, then you get the pouty lip. She definitely smiles more for women than she does for men, but she sure loves her brother, daddy, grandpas, and uncles. It's weird because she seems to know who her family is because she usually cries when strangers talk to her, but when family talks to her that she hasn't seen in months, she gives them big smiles. We are starting to hit milestones now, which is very exciting, but sad at the same time because she is growing up so fast! She can roll from her back to her stomach, but not the other way around. She loves to coo and squawks like a parrot. She gets super excited when she's naked before her bath and loves to kick and splash. She already had her first haircut over a month ago. She had about 2 in. cut off the back and about 1 in. around her ears. She was growing a mullet, it had to go, so we gave her a cute little pixie cut at two months old! It is already growing out again, but we will let it grow. I can already put cute little piggy tails, barrettes, and things in her hair. I will have to take some pictures and post them! For the most part she continues to sleep through the night and naps throughout the day. She is a stinker to feed (like somebody else we know), but she is gaining weight and she is healthy, so I don't worry. Personally, I think she is ready for baby food and is sick of so much baba. She always watches us when we eat and gets excited. We already started rice cereal, so I think this weekend we will start her on some fruits and vegetables, don't worry, already cleared it with the pediatrician! I cannot believe we are already starting baby food! Time is really flying by, so this time around I am trying to live in the moment and enjoy both the good and bad of the baby stage! We are all still so in love with our sweet baby Haivi!


Janice Twitchell said...

Oh my land I'm so jealous of all her hair! Cambri was that way and I had so much fun! Kinzee is my baldy. I'm still stuck with headbands with her. Which isn't bad I guess. :) good luck with the baby food! she's too precious!

adamkristalee said...

I love the pics of her hair pulled back to one side with the clip, she is SO cute!