Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello again everyone!
Still no baby yet. Bran told me tonight that he thinks the baby is holding on for dear life. I'm starting to think so too. I was so sure that I would have him at least a couple weeks early. I'll be 39 weeks on Friday. I wasn't supposed to make it this far!!!! Oh well, he'll get here soon enough. We're all too excited to have him here and are becoming quite impatient if you can't tell. My sister called to tell me today that she was getting "kinda mad" at me because I haven't had the baby yet and my mom calls about every day now just to make sure that I didn't try to call her earlier with the only news that she wants to hear: "We're going to have a baby!" I can't wait until I can call and actually say those words:) Bran and I both got sick this week. Bran brought some kind of gaumboo home from work last weekend and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I got it too...some kind of crazy sinus yuckiness. Watch out everyone because it is going around and it's definitely not fun, so I'm hoping the baby does hold out for a few more days until we're both over whatever it is we caught. I thought I might be brave and include a bare belly photo. Nothing wrong with a pregnant belly is there? Afterall, there's a sweet little baby in there and I want to remember what my bare pregant belly looked like (although as of now it is an image that's been burned into my mind...can't help it. I see it every day!) My apologies to those of you who don't want the image burned into your mind;) Anyway, the next time I blog I hope it includes pictures of our new little baby.


Scott and Andrea said...

You didn't even get an outie, that's impressive!

Chad and Kelly Butler said...

You still look cute!! It's crazy to have something growing inside of you huh? It's so awesome to feel the baby kick, it's all so exciting! Hope all goes well for you!

DANIELLE said...

You look so cute! I think pregnant people are so cute but when I was there I couldn't convince myself that it was cute. Well we wish you guys good luck and cant wait to see who the new one looks like. Tell Brannon not to call Wayne for a pep talk on the whole delivery thing, it just wasn't his thing:)

The Askeroth Family said...

You look great Michelle! No stretch marks or anything - if only we were all that lucky! It's crazy to think there is a little person in exciting! I can't wait to hear the big announcement...Good luck!!!

adamkristalee said...

Of course your pregnant belly is cute. That is probably what I am going to look like when I get that far:) A couple nights ago I had a dream that you had your baby and the next day I saw you in the grocery store. It was kind of weird. I hope he comes soon and good luck with everything!

Roger & Tammy Family said...

Hi Michelle you look so cute!!!
Andrea just told me she found your blog, I am so excited!!!
I can't wait to see pictures of the new baby, Good luck with the birth
I miss you guys!
Love ya
Tammy Greener

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Jonathonandaudrey said...

Hey Michelle!! How the heck are you? It's so cool to see you.. You look great.. That baby will be here soon and you'll just have a blast! They are so much fun! Alexis is getting so big.. I can't believe she's already two! I was really hoping that I'd run into your blog someday and was hoping you had one! That's so awesome that you found mine! yeah we just got back from our cruise I will be posting lots and lots of pic's! So where do you live? I'm so excited for you and your husband!!

Cherish said...

wow, no streach marks?? lucky girl.
will you be induced if he doesn't come by a certain date? I hope he comes soon so the anticipation will stop torturing you and your family :)
Good luck!

Ham, Dan and Kaylie said...'s Amber Bowring. I just came across your blog from Alicia's. I had no idea you were pregnant! Congrats! I bet you are so ready to pop huh. I remember those last few weeks. Not fun. Hang in there! Hope all goes well for ya! :)