Thursday, July 3, 2008

One Hot Summer!

Hey Everyone,

My sister Marci informed me that the purpose of a blogspot is to actually "blog." I know that I'm not the greatest with keeping up on things like this. Really there is not a whole lot that is new going on in our lives. I keep getting bigger, the days keep getting hotter, and the A/C bill is getting higher:) I just had my 28 week check up and everything is good. I know it has to be because I swear my stomach gets bigger by the day and the little one inside keeps kicking stronger and stronger. Brannon thinks that he's going to be tiny, but I don't think so. It feels like the kid is lodged in my rib cage, which makes it a tad uncomfortable to sit straight up. I think he's taking up every last inch of space in my body. If I make it to the end of my pregnancy without a stretch mark, it'll be a miracle. I'm starting a new job as a medical transcriptionist next week and am not thrilled, but I'm glad that I can do this from home and stay home when the baby comes. For anyone considering doing this, you have to get a phone line so that you can plug in a big, tricked out dictophone in your wall. So plan for extra expenses and extra (a lot extra) desk space. The phone is nearly as big as my laptop, but it's a money making machine! Brannon is still liking his job. He's pretty much got things figured out now. As expected, he's already taken a couple of the semis for a spin. I knew it wouldn't be long until he stepped into one. He also just got his hazmat for his CDL so that he can drive one of the propane trucks if he has to. He's already guaranteed me shotgun for a couple of long hauls. He wants to drive a couple of routes so that he knows what his truckers have to go through. I never thought I would marry a truck driver;) Well that's the latest for the Morse family. If anything new and exciting decides to happen to us, I'll let you know:)


JaniceandCole said...

I'm sooo happy you posted again! How long does the medical transcriptioning take you to do? I have thought about that and doing the coding. But I don't know. I can't believe you're getting so close! Get ready to be even more uncomfortable and pee tons more than you already do. Those baby's can really screw stuff up inside you but they're so worth it! It's really good to hear that you guys are doing well, we're sad we couldn't see you this weekend, hope the funeral went well. All we need now is a picture of the belly!

Marci Dawn said...

michelle! congrats your second post...and not only did you post you posted a fabulous one!! thanks sissy!! please keep me posted on my sister and brother and baby nephew ashton even if he does make you uncomfotable think of that little guy crammed in there :) haha love you!

Scott & Haley said...

Mi chelle my bell these are words that go together well! My Mi chelle!!
I am so glad you found my post. I ask your mom and grandma how you are doing and they just said she is big! I figured you would be that way because you have no where to go but out! Oh but I am positive you are the cutest pregnant lady ever.
Tris did medical transcription when they first got married. It was good money then which was 9 years ago so I am sure it is great money now!
Your mom said that you are coming for the 24th I am excited to see you. Take care.
p.s. I am sorry to hear about Brandon's grandfather. I hope all is well.

Andy & Alicia said...

That will be so good for you to be able to work from home. I want to find something like that, that I can do when we have babies. I think I'll need to work, but I don't want to have to leave the little ones. What does Brannon do?

Marci Dawn said...

mom and dad would kill if i brought home one of those boys, i will have to find a nice lds boy thats just a little indie :) because i really am not into the preppy boys. :(

The Askeroth Family said...

Jeez guys, thanks for letting us know you had a blog! I was lucky to find it. You need to update and put pictures on....We want to see some side belly-shots Michelle! Definitely update though, even if it's just day-to-day stuff, it's fun to read! You'll have to go check our blog, Caleb is walking now and it's just so crazy how fast he has grown up. We miss you guys!!