Thursday, July 24, 2008

Help Please!

Hey everyone,

Brannon is getting into this blogging thing and he thinks that we need to have a list of family and friends off to the side like everybody else does. He wants everyone to know we actually have friends :). No, it just makes it easier for him to access your blogs. He's about as bad as I am when it comes to checking out all your awesome blogs. We usually sit in front of the computer for an hour or two at a time checking up on everyone. Anyway....if anyone could let me know how to do this, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks! P.S. Thanks to those of you who responded to my "pregnant dreams" inquiry. It's good to know that I'm not crazy!


The Askeroth Family said...

1.Log into your blogger account
2.Click on layout
3.Click on "Add Page Element"
4.Go to where it gives you the option of adding a link list and lick "Add to Blog"
5. In the title bar, write "Family & Friends" or whatever you want to title it.
6. In the url bar, type the person's blog address that you want to add.
7. In the "site name" bar, type the people's names...This is what will appear in your link list.
8. After each person you add, click "Add Link"
9. When you are done adding everyone you want to add, click on "Save" and then you can close that little window. Then the link list should be on your blog!
By the way, if you want the kind of link list I have, that shows you when the people last updated their blog, instead of adding a link list, click on "Blog List"
I hope that makes sense! :)

The Askeroth Family said...

Uh...CLICK "Add to Blog", don't lick it! Ha ha, I'm horrible at typing!

Cherish said...

wow, those are some very nicely laid out instructions there. you will have no problems using those directions.
that is why I have them on my page to , is so I can just click on them fast and see everyone. plus it is a good way to link up to people you dont know how to otherwise get ahold of . like I did with you guys. I linked from megan and greg to shayne and Klay to Cole and Janice then you and Brannon.

JaniceandCole said...

well, if it helps, I know you have friends! Tiff explained everything very well so if you need help with anything else, let me know. Love ya chelle!

Marci Dawn said...

haha sissy...thats funny bran is getting so into it..i wish the rents would!! i held a 10 day old baby made me very anxious for ashton/gavin to get here!! i love ya!

Crystal said...

Hey Brannon and michelle. This is Crystal Chynoweth I went to school with Brannon and Cherish told me she found your blog. Brannon I hope you guys are doing really well. That's so awesome that you guys are prego, your going to have so much fun with that little man!! Hope all is well I hope it's okay if I looked at your blog let me know if it's okay!! :)