Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Taj sitting on the time-out stump. It was perfect because it was high up enough that he couldn't get down by himself;)

It only took us an hour to walk up this little stretch of road because of the water. Taj loves throwing rocks in the water and the runoff is so bad this year that nearly this whole road was flooded out with water. Look at all those rocks to throw! Taj of course thinks he has to throw every single one and when he got bored with the rocks, he just decided to walk through the water instead.

Taj's first fruit roll-up. He had more fun unrolling it than actually eating it.
Learning how to blow bubbles, only I bought the cheap kind and they didn't work, so Taj resorted to walking around chewing on the wand instead.

Here he is trying to hand me something yucky he found on the floor. I was too afraid it was a bug, so I wouldn't touch it.
Taj pushed this dump truck for miles. He ran it up the rocky dirt road by our campsite nearly all day. Once he got to the top of the hill, he liked to watch his dump truck cruise back down the hill by itself. On the way up the hill he kept pausing to hold his lower back. All that crouching down and running would hurt my back too!

Brannon always like a picture of "our campsite," so here it is!

Part 1 of our 4th of July weekend began in the Uintah mountains. Brannon has been dying to try out our new camp trailer and finally the perfect weekend presented itself. We stayed for two nights and I have to say that camping was A LOT easier in a camp trailer vs. the two man tent we used to use. For starters, I can actually sleep for more than two hours in a camp trailer because I'm not freaking out over every little noise I hear, worried that a monster bear or mountain lion is going to rip our tent and us to shreds any minute. It's a lot warmer and much more comfortable sleeping in the camp trailer too, which is a definite bonus for a big pregnant lady. Brannon planned all the meals for the trip and even made me a grocery list. I think he was pretty proud of himself because he had everything all planned out. I was proud of him too for taking charge of the cooking. Cooking in the woods he'll do, but cooking in the kitchen--out of the question! He did a great job. Hopefully I convinced him that he really does know how to cook so that he'll be willing to try out his camp chef skills at home:) I think it's safe to say that Taj LOVES camping. He spent the majority of the time throwing rocks, pushing his dump truck around, wasting our water (he liked pushing the spout), exploring the country side , and helping his daddy cook and build fires. It was tough getting him to go to sleep at night, but at least he stayed asleep once he was down and one morning he slept until 9:30! I consider this camping trip a success as I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would and we didn't blow an old trailer tire on the way up (we did lose a hubcap on the way back though:)). It was fun to watch Taj have a good time and to just spend time together as a family.

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Cherish said...

ohhh that sounds like so much fun! I love your time out stump lol. And cheap bubbles suck :(