Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Father/Son Bonding

Brannon's new weight loss plan: A 10 speed Huffy, circa 1980 something, extra large seat, fanny pack, bell on the handle bars, and 30 pound child on the back. They love going for bike rides together and I love that I have some time to myself at night. Not only do I get a kiss from Brannon before they leave, but when Brannon is home Taj does everything his daddy does, so I get one from Taj too:)
He did not want his picture taken, nor did he want me encroaching on his time with daddy!

Never mind all the grease from the bike chain down the front of his shirt and up his arms. He saw his daddy fixing the bike chain and decided he would give it a try as soon as daddy walked away. He looks like a little mechanic! Looking at this picture reminds me, sadly, that he is growing up way too fast!

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