Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Week in Monticello in Pictures

There are only four of these left in the world and one of them belongs to little ol' Monticello, UT. I used to play on this tractor when I was a little girl and it sat at the town park. On hot days my best friend and I would climb between the spokes on the wheel and rest in the shade of the giant wheel. We like to pretend we were driving it. I never thought this old tractor would move on its own again, but I was wrong!
The other coolest part of the parade. Isn't this miniature pony adorable?!
Taj bummed snow cone off of his Uncle Brian and....
His uncle Easton. Only Taj could get away with that. Apparently 2 year olds don't have cooties...if they only knew!

Enjoying the first spoils of the parade.
Besides not wanting to leave the four wheeler, Taj never strayed far from grandma's Diet Dr. Pepper.
He pretty much watched the entire parade from the four wheeler. Even though it was blazing hot, he refused to get off for more than five minutes at a time.
My dad on grill duty at Miss Marci's birthday.
Aren't they (AKA mom and grandma) hilarious? They think they are!
Easton was the only one with hips narrow enough to take Taj down the slide. Obviously Taj was loving it:)
My brother Matt and his wife Ali.
The centerpiece for my sister's tables at her birthday party. We made a handful of paper flowers under the birthday girl's direction and then drank almond punch with vintage paper straws out of mason jars.
The birthday girl and her hubby Brian.
Miss Marci's 21st birthday party. It was pure Americana: family, lots of food, lots of friends, even more kids, and a lot of fun!

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