Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th: Part 2

This was our favorite part of the parade. A fleet of vintage VW vans, trucks, and beetles was part of the parade. We've seen this rig around town and Brannon loves it. He says he would like one just like it, surfboard, rust, and all.

Not so sure about the saltwater taffy. He spit it out a few minutes later.
About the only smile we've gotten out of him today. I think the heat makes toddlers ornery. I know that it makes me ornery too, just ask anyone in my family;)
How dare daddy tell me to sit down!
You can tell by the look on Taj's face how exciting the parade was:) The only part he really liked was the Davis High Marching Band because he got the chance to dance to their music (he loves dancing).
He does have a flare for the dramatic. I think this fit lasted about five minutes (which is a long time in toddler time) and included a lot of whining, kicking of the feet, gnashing of the teeth, and rolling around. He finished by standing up and swatting me on the belly and running away. That's my sweet little angel boy!

We went to the 4th of July parade in Kaysville this year. I am sorry to say that it was pretty disappointing. Coming from a small town I expected that a parade in a big town would have a lot of floats and fanfare. I counted three decorated floats, countless vehicles with signs on the side, two marching bands, a lot of fire trucks and police cars (all blaring their sirens at full blast), and a ton of parade police that kept riding back and forth blowing their whistles and moving people back off the road. We made it through about an hour and a half of it and decided to leave because it was so hot and humid. We were lucky and had cloud cover, but it felt like we were in a sauna. Blanding and Monticello definitely have better parades! We spent the rest of our day in the coolness of our basement and plan on doing our own little fireworks show tonight. I'm sure we'll just watch the other fireworks from our backyard since they will be so close. It was a good ol' Americana weekend filled with good food and good people!

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