Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Then They Bring Me a Rose

Taj and Brannon picked me this rose on one of their walks together while I was at the gym. Brannon knows I LOVE roses and I love how they smell even more. They picked it off our neighbor's rose bush (thank goodness they asked!). It did have a stem on it, but Taj shook it so hard the blossom flew off. It was the perfect gift at the end of a long day.

I know that every mom out there has a day once in awhile or perhaps more often than that, that everything seems to go wrong. For example, last week I had an especially hard day. It started out good, but waking up was the only good thing about it. I was rushing to pack up myself and Taj for a weekend trip. We had waken up way too late in the morning for having to leave in the early afternoon. For the past week Taj will NOT go to sleep until 12:30 a.m. or later. It doesn't matter that we put him in bed hours before that, for some reason he is just off lately. Of course I don't go to bed until he is asleep because I can't sleep until I know he's tucked safe and sound in his bed fast asleep. Then he wakes up at 10:00 or 10:30 in the morning and so do I. Anyway, the point is I was already running late and in the middle of packing Brannon calls me and tells me I need to take the car in to get the tires changed before we leave. He knows I'm always late on a traveling day anyway, so picture me already stressed out trying to pack, clean the house, and tie up too many loose ends on a project that I've been working on before I leave town and the internet. I grudgingly told Brannon that I could have the tires changed. Once at the tire store Taj disappeared in the numerous racks of tires and actually climbed inside one of the racks and started knocking tires over, tearing signs off tire displays, and all sorts of other naughty things. I was about to go crazy at this point. So after barely making it through the tire change and lunch at Arby's, I rushed home to throw our bags in the car, answer quite a few time sensitive emails, and to lock down the house like Fort Knox (Brannon: Now make sure all the windows and door are locked and that the toilet in the hallway bathroom isn't leaking, and that the shower knobs are turned all the way off so the shower doesn't link, and check the sink in the kitchen too, and make sure the A/C is turned off (we don't want it running all weekend), and make sure the garage door is shut and my shed is locked). Quite the check list isn't it? My major concern of the afternoon was a big meeting I had. I showed up to the meeting to find that it was delayed and then when the meeting finally did commence, it didn't go well. By that point, I was way late to pick up Brannon and I concluded it was not a very good day at all. I know it's not a good day when the events provoke tears and I haven't cried in a long time! To top off the rest of the day, we spent the next five hours cramped in the little black Corolla traveling south. On the way we managed to get stuck in a Taco Time drive thru for almost an hour and Taj's sippy cup full of chocolate milk was dumped (without the lid on) over the top of my head and all over my new shirt and pants. At that point I swore and then I laughed. It seemed the perfect ending to the worst day. Then I thought how thankful I am that my biggest concerns and sorrows of the day were still nothing compared to many of those around me. I thought that some people would be grateful to have only my problems for the day. Then the day didn't seem so bad after all.

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Susie and Cody said...

Wow Michelle! Well that is a good attitude to have about it! I'll have to remember that the next time I'm cussing a day!