Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My sweet great grandma Dorothy Nielson passed away last week. She was 93 years old! I want to be like her when I get old someday. I know she had no regrets at the end of her life. She suffered through many unbearable trials and still always managed to keep a smile on her face. We used to visit her quite often when I was a little girl and I always remember raiding her old-fashioned candy that she kept in a crystal dish. She was always an optimist, even when her health was failing. She lived a good life and as my dad put it, "She was an ordinary hero" to many.
Bluff Cemetery

My dad paying his last respects to a woman who helped him get through life without a father.
Leave it to Taj to find the mop bucket to race down the handicap ramp.

My dad grew up in this house. He told us that when he lived here when he was a little boy, that they had a horse and when they fried eggs in the morning, the horse would stick its head through the window and they'd feed him eggs too:)


Raevan Blake said...

So sorry about your sweet great-grandma. That house is really beautiful, how fun would that be as a kid to get to eat breakfast with a horse! Ha ha

Sarah said...

So sorry about your Grandma! It sounds like she was a good woman, and raised a good son. God Bless.