Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Treadmill Child Safety Sensor

This post is actually a follow-up to the "Treadmill" post that was done last week. For those of you who have treadmills and have youngsters that try to hop on with you and end up getting hurt, a fellow blogger notified me of a website that sells a Child Safety Sensor. Apparently, you attach the device to the back of your treadmill and when it senses any movement approaching the rear of the treadmill, an alarm sounds. It sells for $65.00, but perhaps it can be found cheaper elsewhere.
I think this device may work well for crawling babies and perhaps a few quiet toddlers, but other than that most people (at least I can) hear their toddler approaching from a mile away! I think the biggest precaution that treadmill users with children can do to prevent injuries to their children is to just be aware of where their kids are at and what they are doing. Nothing can take the place of parental supervision:) However, it may be wise to remove the key that allows the treadmill to start and hide it in a safe place so that busy toddlers can't fire up the treadmill on their own, which is what my son did. If anyone out there has actually tried this device, please do share!

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