Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finished, finally!

Taj's new friend: Pierce
I like taking pictures of him because he smiles for me, unlike another little boy I know who will rarely even look at the camera, turkey!

I don't have a double passenger stroller, so they had to squish into this for the ride to the park. They were pretty good about it...feeding each other snacks and such.

Taj's favorite thing to do in the morning and after his bath at night is to jump into our bed, prop some pillows up for himself, pull the covers up, and lay back and watch cartoons. A kid after my own heart!
This is Taj giving me a handshake, which he initiated. He learned it on Pocahontus when she and John Smith shakes hands. He's been running around all day and demanding to shake my hand. At first I didn't know what he was doing, but when he grabbed my hand, shook it, and let go, I finally got it! It's amazing what they pick up off of movies and scary at he same time! His other favorite movie right now is Aristo Cats. We watch it at least once a day. He'll ride his trike around and get off, go around to the front of it and then pretend to turn a hand crank to start it again like the milk man does on the movie. Really, I need to get something more educational for his mind!
So I'm sure you are all dying to know that I finally finished Jane Eyre...tonight, like five minutes ago. It is hands down one of my favorite books. I recommend reading it for all you hopeless romantics. You sort of have to muscle your way through some lengthy description in old British language, but if you have the annotated version of the book, it makes it a lot easier to get through. The story is definitely worth it though, you will love it! Gone now are my nights of going to bed at 1 a.m. or later...at least until I find another page turner!
For those of you wondering how the Shabby Apple dress sale went, well it didn't. I was soooo excited for this, for the possibility of getting my hands on my much lusted for dress without draining the grocery budget to do it. I showered late that night so I could get up early, on a Saturday morning mind you, and curl my hair, paint my lips and nails red, (put on eyeliner, which I never do), and don a dress with tights and cranberry-colored heels. The sale started at 8 a.m., so I left the house around 7:30. I drove a half an hour south and what to my dismay did I find upon arriving at the much anticipated location? A big cardboard sign with the words "Shabby Apple Dress Event Cancelled." There were no other words, no explanation, only "check Facebook." My heart broke, but I wouldn't totally be put out. I had a friend with me and by gosh if we got up that early on a Saturday morning to do some shopping, that's what we were going to do.....so we hit some yard sales before we went home. And yes, I was just a tad over-dressed for yard sale hopping, but whatever, do it in style right? At least I drove Black Magic down so I saved some gas money. Brannon told me to park down the street when I went to the dress event because it was in a very affluent neighborhood and he thought I might embarrass myself if I pulled up to the front door in our 1997 corolla with faded black paint and missing hubcaps. Haha, well lucky for us we only showed our faces at yard sales. My heart still reserves hope for another Shabby Apple dress sale to transpire in the near future as I'm sure many hearts do. P.S. Shabby Apple, if you're listening, could you please have a dress sale before or on my birthday? It's September 9th, should give you plenty of time to set that up I'm sure:)
Other news, I am finding out what it is like to have two kids. I watch my friend's baby for her twice a week and I'm telling you, I am not bored on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Heaven help me when I have another baby! You know, on second thought, maybe that's just what I need! At least for the time being Taj has a playmate, who he quite adores. Every time we see this little guy, Taj runs over and says "hi" while waving and then pats the little guy on the head. I'm glad he has someone to play with on a regular basis because I'm sure he gets sick of hanging out with me 24/7! Have a great week!

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Janice Twitchell said...

I have been wanting to read that book. I'll have to see if anyone has it. So sorry about your dress sale! I love the dress you were wanting, so cute! I won't be here for your birthday, but I am sending you something so keep a lookout in the mail! it will probably be afterward since I don't get back till the 12th. I hope you have a good one! And I love that Taj pats his friends head! Totally a Bran move right there. haha! Cute!