Monday, August 16, 2010

100th Post...Finally!

I want one of these on the hood of my car, very feminine...
On the way back home there was a cool car show going on at an old diner (Rode Island Diner), so we had to stop for the photo-op!

Camping wore me out too:)

I don't know what these things are called, but they were everywhere in the meadows we passed, so pretty!

The mountain we camped on was gorgeous!

Can you spot the critter? These little guys were all over camp, like big rats!

Our annual family camping picture, don't we all look just lovely? (just like last year, lol)

I'm guessing this is a doggie door in the tent, just right for little boys:)

I'm telling you, four little boys alone in a tent is just asking for trouble!

There were plenty of dads to go around at camp and since Taj's dad was busy, he picked Katie's husband Jason to snuggle up with:)

Brannon's handy work, nice job love!

My friend Katie carrying omelettes in a bag, very cool idea for a campout breakfast!

The said "tent" that could've been ripped to shreds by the bear or Taj:)

His cheeks are always red, but they are even redder here because it was so flippin cold! Like 40 degrees cold!
Nice work on breakfast fellas! Isn't it funny that it's a man's job to cook breakfast on a campout, but cooking at home is for the ladies?

The beginnings of the first meltdown of the night:)

Last weekend we actually did something blog-worthy, we went camping. We went with my friend and her family and had a good time roughin it in some bear country. They all thought Brannon was an "expert" camper because he brought our Camp Chef along. Anyone from southern Utah would have laughed at this, but we were just like "Yep, we're experts. Please do ask us anything because as you said, we are the "experts." Haha, I think we're far from experts, but we do know how to have a good time in the woods. All we had to camp in is a tiny two-man nylon tent and I was nervous to say the least about having a bear ripping it and us to shreds. There were signs posted everywhere that said "Bear Country." We all took good care to put our food back in our cars, but me being the doofus that I am, tripped over a tree stump and dumped my tin-din all over the ground. I cleaned it up the best I could, but....we still got a visitor that night. After making a midnight trip into the deep, dark woods to go potty (I have to every time we camp, seriously annoying!), I returned, actually made a mad dash back to the tent lest I see glowing eyes in the bushes! I finally settled back into me and Taj's sleeping bag and closed my eyes when I heard really LOUD sniffing by our tent, like from a big BIG animal. I was paralyzed with fear and didn't dare make a noise, especially when I heard a low growl. I didn't dare make a move to wake up Brannon, so I just shut my eyes tight and prayed like the dickens it would go away, that IT being a stinking bear! So even though I didn't actually see it, I knew it was out there. I just waited for the sniffing to stop and soon it did, thank the heavens! I was validated anyway by my friend's husband the next morning because he said he heard the same thing. So there you have it, our first real encounter with a bear and we escaped, barely, alive:)

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The Askeroth Family said...

Holy cow, that bear story is crazy! That would have scared me to death! We are supposed to go camping in a couple of weeks and now I'm a little nervous. Yikes!