Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gwamma's Antiques

 This is what I look like when I drive the jeep. I have to sit on the very edge of the seat and pull myself under the steering wheel so that I can get the clutch pushed all the way in.

 Thank goodness for the bat, the rotting seat belt, and the garden hose. You never know when you will need a survival kit on the blue mountain!
 Isn't she a beaut?!
 Little Miss Haivi is just happy to be around all the action!

 Taj on the antique trike
You will find at my mother's house a plethora of antiques. Antique tins, antique dolls, antique washstands, antique floor roller, antique hair brush, antique highchair, antique bed, antique dresser, antique trike, antique wagon, antique jeep. Well whether or not the jeep is an antique is debatable, but it sure looks like one to me and feels like one even more when you are driving it. Every time we go to Monticello the highlight of Taj's time there is "widing da jeep." I HATE driving that thing. Maybe I would like it more if I had longer legs, or maybe if the jeep had power steering, or maybe if the breaks weren't so squirrely, or maybe if when you run over even small pebbles that you don't bounce and lurch and rattle across the road, or maybe if when you shift from 2nd to 1st that the gear head doesn't try to chew your hand off. I am grateful that most of the time my dad or mom takes him on a ride, but sometimes no one is around except me and when that happens Taj practically drags me out the door and I cannot refuse that pihrana grin and those blue eyes of his. We always take a short drive up the mountain road, lurching and careening and sputtering out way up. Last time I took him a bee flew in with us when I stopped to get us turned around (which always required great effort on my part). Anyone that knows me knows that I HATE bugs, especially bees and spiders and when either of those foul creatures get in my space, I have an out-of-body experience and am consumed by temporary bouts of insanity. This time around I only screamed once and nearly lugged that antique of a jeep into a ditch. The steering wheel is as big as a dang wheel that steers a ship and with white knuckles and arms burning from turning the wheel a hundred times to the right then a hundred times to the left, I managed to right our course and we slowly lugged our way back home. Taj is a great co-pilot. He never shows any emotion on his face whenever I take him for a ride and he gives me confidence that I don't look like a complete idiot trying to tame the red antique jeep.

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